Saturday, February 23, 2008

called by death

"called by death"
mixed media collage on cardboard panel
gregory a. milinovich

today i just thought i would share with you one of my latest collages. it seems so depressing and morbid, both in form and title, but this only makes it a really good example of the truth that i very often make collages that i don't sit down and intend to make. in other words, when i began this collage (which involved several layers of acrylic paints), i had no idea - none - that it would turn out like this. i am not usually very intentional in this work. i play around with so much cut paper and different words and phrases from old dictionaries/bibles/atlases/novels/textbooks/cookbooks/magazines/etc. i keep trying various things until it "feels" right to me. i can't explain this feeling other than to say that, from my point of view, the right relationship exists between all the elements. it may look very similar to most of my collages or not. this one, for example, is a departure from my norm because it is quite simple. i tend to jam my collages with so much, but this one is a little more quiet and somber.

anyway, there's a trip inside my head for today. don't be called by death today. be called by life. to life.




Crafty P said...

hmmm, sounds like the week we've had. We're ready to start living again (and eating, too!)

Amanda W. said...

I actually really like this collage, a lot. (But then, I can be a bit morbid. :) I'm a big fan of that deep red color, and the texture in the background is nice, too. Good job.