Friday, February 08, 2008

blessed beyond knowing

it's just not hard to be in love with your sons when they are this charming. these are cade's 9-month pictures and jack's 3-year pictures. i am blessed beyond my knowing.

aware of just how much i fail to recognize my blessedness,


Pastor Blue Jeans said...

Kids have that power over us. They make all the other stuff seem so unimportant.

Even that "retreat" just around the corner.


Mary said...

un-be-lievable. soooo cute. coming again at the end of the month...nothing could keep me from that cuteness-even your garlic can't ward me off...

greg. said...

yes. that retreat. i think i will blog a little about that tomorrow.

mary, better bring a clothespin for your nose. or just breathe through your mouth.


jasonsmommy said...

Hey there. Honestly, in one of the many piles of things that have accumulated around our house, was a stack of Christmas cards. (Life's been hectic, what can I say) And in that stack, was a Milinovich christmas card, and I found the address to this site, and had to check it out. My goodness, you have some seriously beautiful boys. Jack looks JUST like Shannon, with that smile! And Cade, just can't get enough of him. Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and hope all is well in that far away place of Clinton :)
Karen Bostwick