Thursday, January 10, 2008

things to remember

"things to remember"
paper collage and acrylic on hardbook cover
gregory a. milinovich
here's a collage i made tonight.


Redbank Billy said...

Great to see you today, really reminds me of how much I miss hangin' out with you.... now on the collage,
explain "things to remember" beside the paper in the middle, I don't get it?????

greg. said...

you see, billy, there's nothing really to explain. i don't usually set out to make a collage with a particular point or story in mind. i just make it. i make most of my decisions based on color, shape, form, and ascetic. i do place various elements in their respective places sometimes based on the interesting juxtaposition, but not usually with a pedactive point. in other words, i'm not usually trying to teach anything or make some profound point with my collages. i prefer to leave the interepretation to the viewer. what do you see? in this sense, my art is very impressionistic, and in some ways abstract. my hope is that the overall ascetic of the piece will appeal to you, draw you in, and cause you to ask questions about the relationships between the various elements juxtaposed in the collage. the metaphor for life is that our lives are very much like these collages: a juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated events and people and things. the trick is to interpret them and see them in such a way that they make sense together. i want people to see the connections in their lives. i want people to see the relationships between all the events and people in their lives. ultimately, as a person of faith, i want people to see that God isn't just a sunday situation, but a 24/7 relationship. but i want to do this by destroying some of the categories and lines that people use to separate everything in their lives.

that probably made little sense, but it is part of the rationale for my collage-making. you asked.

anyway, it was awesome to see you yesterday. thanks for meeting me. look forward to seeing you again soon.


Photographic Maniac said...

Terrific piece! Can't wait to get it posted in the site!
Its funny. I attempted a collage myself last night too. I posted it in my blog as well! Too funny. But let me know what you think as you are the collage artist and if I may say quite the expert!
It is most interesting how so many thoughts and ideas can swarm your mind as you are creating the collage. I still have not put a name to mine.
Actually, I have just decided to call it : New Beginnings. More than the rest because it is the first one I have attempted.

Redbank Billy said...

I see....(as I light a delicious bowl of dark virginia baccy)....very interesting and I know you have explained this to me a least a dozen times...but I guess I am too technical and analytical....good smoke though......
See ya

Crafty P said...

i like it.

i appreciate the visual triangle you created with the woman in thought, the torn page from a book (which I'm really curious to which book that came out of) and the Blessed Mother. Did you do that on purpose or did those things just "land" there as you were making it?

i love the word hope at the bottom left and the for some odd reason.. the #32 speaks to me in this collage as well.

you know I'm always appreciative of a collage with the Blessed Mother on it! ;)

Mary said...

i love that collage brother. so cool :) do you get to keep sending collages to that online gallery? let me i can keep checking it frequently :)

julid said...

Remember you are a child of God. remember you have the power of the Holy Spirit inside. remember that Jesus bore all your sins on the cross. remember your baptism (see I'm listening). great collage. great sermon. glory to God.

greg. said...

this collage was just added to, and i hope to me adding a few more in the coming weeks, so you can check back from time to time. i have sold 4 there already!