Sunday, January 20, 2008

dragon birthday

our son is really into dragons right now. sometimes i'm afraid we are raising a little dungeons and dragons role playing child. but, it seems harmless enough for now, and we have enjoyed seeing how much he enjoys playing with dragons. above you will see that he and i built a lego castle so that his dragon could fly around it and breathe fire.

friday is jack's birthday. he wanted a dragon theme. now, just like last year we are celebrating his birthday twice, on two consecutive weekends, due to family coming in. so we had birthday, part 1 on saturday, and you can see the fingerpaint dragon above that shannon and jack made together. if you look carefully at the terrifying fire being breathed from the dragon's mouth, you will see that it says cheerfully, "happy birthday, jackson."

shannon decided to try and make him a castle cake, which turned out to be more difficult than she had imagined. but here it is above. the object protruding out of the top center of the cake is indeed a fire breathing dragon. well, really its a marzipan dragon with a candle coming out of its mouth. this was definately the best part of the cake and jack loved it.

here you see the little beast in action.

and here is our cute oldest son, observing one of his presents, a tube of australian animals. we had 8 adults and 6 children 5 and under stay at our house this weekend (shannon's side of the family) and it was crazy. an absolute circus. there were many times when i needed to just walk away from the chaos, collect my wits, and remember that the toys would all return to their proper places on monday. last night it looked like a hurricane had gone through our house. there were toys scattered in every possible room. like they did it intentionally. i'm not sure about this hypothesis yet, but i'm still working on it.
in any case, we had a great time, and jacked loved, LOVED being with his cousins and playing with them. it didn't hurt that he had a perpetual sugar high from eating an entire marzipan dragon, but that's beside the point.


Emoly said...

Shannon's castle cake with marzipan dragon turned out awesome!!! That is the coolest cake ever!!! And the finger painted dragon is cool too! I'm impressed. Cade has a lot to live up to! :)

mego said...

I thought I posted a comment already but I guess not. Anyway - I requested a close up shot of the marzipan dragon. And I wondered if Shannon was going to recreate the dragon cake for this weekend's celebration?

Joe said...

wow! that's some cake.

greg. said...

megan, shannon took some close ups of the fire-breathing dragon, but none of them came out very well. she is planning to make another one this weekend (i think), so i will try and take a nice close up for you to see it.