Saturday, January 26, 2008

dinner at the pluckemin inn

last summer shannon and i had received a gift certificate to a place we had never heard of called the pluckemin inn. the gift card was for $350 and we couldn't imagine how we would spend that kind of money. well, as my mom and dad are in town which gave us free babysitting, we decided to finally use this gift card last night.

it was a wonderful dinner. here's what we ate:


firsts: hearts of palm, grapefruit, avocado, peanuts, mache & fresh coriander

seconds: golden tilefish, shrimp dumplings, smoked hon-shimeji & citrus-celery nage

thirds: corn-fed Angus strip steak, confit peanut potatoes & merlot reduction

dessert: coconut & banana "mille-feuille" with peanut brittle dustMaldon salt and coconut espuma


firsts: Pluckemin Salad: Three Meadows Farm lettuces, seasonal garnishes & dressing

seconds: herb crusted wild Alaskan salmon, coriander broth & maitake

thirds: well, this one isn't on their online menu, so i can't make it sound as nice, but it was a roast duck with mushrooms and some kind of pate or something.

dessert: chocolate...a timeline of old & new world warm Aztec cocoa, sesame caramel tart & frozen pudding pop

the food was delicious. but the bill? $228 with tip. wow. that is some expensive dinner. i love gift cards!

to read an interesting article about how shannon and i live in the country's 4th most rich county go here.

have a great weekend!


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