Thursday, January 17, 2008


paper collage and acrylic on book panel
gregory a. milinovich

here is a collage that i've had for sale over at art locals only since late december. as you may remember i contacted this online art gallery that shannon and i read about in our local paper. shannon encouraged me to try it, even though i thought that they would never like my collages (too simple and not artsy enough, i figured). but i did, and sure enough they liked them and i became one of the artists on the site.

then, when i returned home from christmas vacation there was an email in my inbox saying i had sold 4 of my collages! what? sold? i still can't totally wrap my brain around this. since then i have sold three more. so in less than a month i have sold 7 of my collages. this is very strange to me. it is affirming to be sure. but it is also strange. so, if one of you is the buyer of my collages, thank you. thanks for taking an interest in my art. thanks for seeing something interesting and looking harder. i hope you hang it in your home or in your office or something, and people ask you about it. i hope its a conversation starter. i hope its an inspiration to you. i hope it reminds you that God somehow takes chaos and makes cosmos. i hope it challenges you to believe, even when everything seems to shout the opposite, that God is in all the little things of our lives, waiting for us to discover.

so thanks to all of you for encouraging me in this. it is a fascinating journey i am on. and i will keep going to see where it takes me.




Photographic Maniac said...
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Photographic Maniac said...

Hi Greg!

I am so happy you are enjoying the site and being a part of it!
Your collages are wonderful! That is why they have sold! They have inspired me to try them as well. I am sure I don't have as much heart in them as you, but I have tried and I do enjoy making them.
I am still a photography guru! = )
I have a few more posted in my blog. Feel free to take a look. I think I may post them on ALO!

As for the piano in the other one - I actually cut that out of a magazine. It was very hard because I was using huge scissors.


Emoly said...

oh man! All the ones I like have already been sold. bummer. I'll survive. Are you making new ones and putting them on the site? It's awesome! Thank you for sharing your work with us!

Mary said...

senor artiste.

im not surprised in the least :) you rock. im so happy for you! someday i plan on having an original collage in each room of my future dream house :) so keep it up senor.

i love you

Crafty P said...

mary- that is a FABULOUS idea!

I have two already.

could you post that addy for the online gallery again? wait, is on the sidebar? okay, I'll post and go take a look-see.


greg. said...