Wednesday, December 05, 2007

a tribute to hines

i know its wednesday, and the game was played sunday night, so i'm a little tardy here, but can i just say that it was really sweet to beat the bengals? we beat them both times this season, which is awesome, and we did it pretty dominantly, especially with our defense. we gained a game in the division, and we built some momentum and confidence going in to new england this weekend.

but more than all of that, for me as a fan, was the fact that hines ward moved into first place all time as a steeler for touchdown receptions, passing john stallworth. hines ward has been my favorite football player for a long time now. of all the football players i've watched, and i've watched a bunch of them, he is by far my favorite. its the way he smiles the whole time he plays. its the way he seems to put it all out there. its the way he looks so small compared to other guys. its the way he takes enormous hits, holds on to the ball, and pops up with a grin on his face. its the way he cried after losing the afc championship game in january 2005. its the way he skipped into the end zone during the super bowl the very next year, winning the super bowl mvp. its the way he carries himself differently from the t.o.'s and the ocho-cinco's of the league. its the way he played quarterback in college and then came to be an awesome nfl receiver. its the way he wore number 15 (my favorite number) when he was a rookie. its the way his name is made for the steelers (hines - heinz). its the way he plays with joy, integrity, toughness, and charisma.

congratulations, hines. in my book you are the greatest.

now lets beat the crap out of those undefeated patriots. please!



mego said...

I was glad to see Hines have a stand out game - his smile is contagious and I love when he throws a block or makes a catch and is beaming.

I don't know about you but I'm not a fan of the Pats or the Ravens. I was so torn Monday night - I wanted the Pats to lose but wasn't sure I wanted Baltimore to be the ones to do it - I want it to be the Steelers this week. BTW - my dad will be at the game so hopefully that means good things will be happening!

greg. said...


your dad needs to start inviting me to games. its gone on long enough.

and i just read that steelers safety anthony smith guaranteed a win against the patriots, which scares the crap out of me. i was nervous before - i'm much more nervous now.

but i am wearing steelers colors and watching old steelers/patriots games in preparation for the big game.