Monday, December 17, 2007

lite brite flower gardens

i had the joy this weekend of busting out the ol' lite brite to show jack how it works. we did a pattern called flower garden (not the one in the picture) without plugging it in first. he tried helping, but the pegs are harder to fit snugly into place than i remember. it was too strenuous for his little fingers. so i finished it and then turned out the lights and plugged it in. then he really thought it was cool! but, by far, the best part for him was removing the pegs. he put in a solid performance, removing an entire flower's worth of pegs (and saying, "i did it, daddy!" after each one).

it was a fun jaunt down memory lane. anyone else a fan of the lite brite? any other favorite children's toys?

i don't want to speak of the steelers lackluster perfomance yesterday (too much negative energy that i can't deal with right now) so instead i would like to mention that i am really happy for the dolphins that they finally won a game. can you imagine pouring so much of your life and energy and strength into something and then losing at it 16 straight times? i can't wish that on anyone. so i was happy that they finally pulled out a victory in overtime. and it just made it sweeter that it was against the ravens. good times. congrats billy.



Emoly said...

The lite brite was definitely a favorite toy, how many of those little pegs do you remember losing and stepping on in bare feet? Those were good times...

Other favorite toys, the old Fisher Price little people. The ones that fit in your mouth and you could have swallowed, but never did. And we survived childhood.

And Lego's. Always Lego's. Still my favorite. The last time I bought I set? Two years ago, one of the Harry Potter ones! I "heart" Lego's.

What about you, Greg? What are some other favorite childhood toys?

greg. said...

i also loved little people. i was a big legos fan. i've got a couple of bins ready to go when jack gets old enough. i also had to play a lot of barbie's, since i had two sisters. 'barbie and the rockers' was a favorite of mine. seriously. i'm not joking.

i used to have nearly all the original star wars toys - ships and characters - and these were my favorite toys.

however, i have this memory of a toy i had when i was a bit younger. it was like a plastic box, i think about the size of a normal vcr or something. and it had these yellow cartridges or tapes that you could put into it and then you had to turn a little plastic crank and it would show you a movie. you could watch it on a little screen or turn out the lights and project it onto the wall. i remember i had a pink panther cartridge and a mickey and the beanstalk one. for whatever reason, this toy holds a special place in my memory. i don't even think i played with it all that much or that i ever would have said it was my favorite toy, but now it represents my childhood to me in some way. weird.

and my mom would tell you that lite brite pegs filled many a vacuum bag at our house.

anyone else?


mego said...

Ella just got a lite brite for her birthday this year. It proved to be a real bonding experience for us - I was getting quite frustrated that she wasn't following the instructions on the black paper so that our finished product would look perfect. My house needs dusting their is junk on the floors, but I get all anal retentive about a lite brite.
Also - my mom still has all the old FP LIttle People and my kids play with them now.

Greg I played with G.I. Joes and legos b/c of my brothers and and you played with Barbies because of your sisters! I loved legos and we named the various people and animals and then would each get a turn picking which ones we got to play and build with that day.

Redbank Billy said...

Hey, liked the lite brite thing, always wanted one when I was a kid but never got one :( how sad......... yea, how about miami, sheesh, I was hoping they would lose every game!! oh well.........