Friday, December 21, 2007

ho ho ho

last night our advent sock (see yesterday's post) told us it was time to go see santa, and so we did. we drove to the mall and waited in a line (only about 15 minutes or so) and had a visit with that right jolly old elf.

the boys did great! jack was really excited about it until we got quite close at which point he grew very nervous. but when it was our turn i sat him right down on santa's lap and he was great. he showed santa his toy tiger and how it roars. he told santa what he wanted for christmas. cade just chilled on the big fella's lap, looking at his mommy. it was not the traumatic experience i was afraid it might be. instead, it was really fun and i love the picture we came home with. those boys make my heart melt!

ho ho ho,


Crafty P said...

oh you lucky man.

our trip to visit santa did not go as smoothly.

no pictures.
no one sitting on the jolly old elf's lap.
just a lot of prodding and no one biting at the opportunity.

it was a sad and frustrating night - more for daddy than mommy, but frustrating all the same.

Mary said...

so cute! and i love that tiger made the pic :)