Monday, December 24, 2007

happy christmas!

have a truly blessed christmas! i pray for each of you that you would feel the rush of excitement at the birth of Life, once again. i pray that your breath would be taken away by the mystery of incarnation. i pray that you will be with people who love you - people who remind you of the Life that was given. i pray that you will remember again that the Life that was given is the Life that lives on right now, the Life that conquers death, and the Life that is offered to you right now. i wish you Life abundant.
and peace,


Redbank Billy said...

Love and Peace to you my friend, give
all a hug for me and Linda

Merry Christmas

julie said...

we had such a great time visiting with you! love you.

Crafty P said...

happy christmas to you! today is the 5th day of Christmas, I believe!

Crafty P said...

today is the 11th day of Christmas... I miss you! post soon!