Wednesday, December 05, 2007

dear santa

this is jack's letter to santa. it is in my handwriting because i wrote it for him. but most of the words are his. i just asked him questions, and this is what he wanted to say. in case you can't read it, here is the text:

tuesday, december 4, 2007

dear santa,

merry christmas! i'm excited for you to come to my house. i've been a good boy this year - i'm almost three now!

you are nice. you have a nice big beard. i love you santa.

this year for christmas i would like a green dragon. i would also like to have a red dragon puppet. my little brother, caedmon charles, is a little baby. he's too little for dragons, but he would like some toys, too.

i know you must get tired and hungry on christmas eve, so i will leave you some food - some noodles and milk and cookies - chocolate cookies. say hi to rudolph reindeer for me. please bring red and green presents for mommy and daddy, too. and max my dog. the end.


jackson andrew milinovich


cathyq said...

That's so precious! I love the noodles. Good thing Santa likes those!
What's up with the dragons? (Of course, I happen to know that Santa might be dropping off a green one at my house this year) I mean, how did we get from dinosaurs to dragons?
Being almost 3 years-old at Christmas is the best! You are so blessed to get to experience Christmas through Jack's eyes. Enjoy it!

Mary said...

that really is THE sweetest thing. i went to a santas around the world exhibit and in one country, santa actually writes letters back and leaves them on Christmas. i thought that was a neat tradition :) "Thanks for the noodles Jack!"

as an educator...i can't say enough about how great it is that you do these sort of things with jack. i do what you do everyday for kids in the 3rd at almost three years old jack is getting a great headstart :)