Wednesday, November 07, 2007

an old poem

as i continue to study the psalms this year, i continue to write my own. but this one, this is one that i found in an old journal. one that i wrote in october of 1995, over 12 years ago. i was 19.

psalm 42
The lonely deep inside me
calls deeper still -
to slide carelessly off this
sliver of a crescent moon
that shadows my pain,
into this washing stream
i pant longingly for
to quench the thirst
on my powdered tongue
by the weeping rain.
The ominous waves sweep
over the tears i drink.
The roar of this waterfall
crushes my bones
of fragile, cracked clay.
My shipwrecked soul
sinks from the surface
to the drowning depths
of my miserable mourning
where i begin to pray.
Now i will praise You,
my Savior and my God!
You show me Your love
in the sunlight that shines
even here in this dark deep.
And so I willingly give to You
any fragment of hope left in me,
and in the hum of the darkness
Your song of healing
gives my weary soul sleep.
You are the rock
that i helplessly land on
when i tumble from my slivered moon
into Your gripping embrace
where Your love rages untames;
where i drown in this stream -
the rolling waves, the biting rain;
where You quench my thirst
and rescue my capsized soul;
and where i praise Your Holy Name.

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Redbank Billy said...

cool, I actually really liked that one!!!