Tuesday, November 13, 2007

memo to browns

i don't have as much time as i'd like to blog today (see post below about my ordination journey), but i would be remiss if i didn't at least put a picture here of the steelers browns game. for those of you who don't like football or don't understand my passion for it, sorry. it is what it is. i love it.

and i especially love a steelers victory. however it comes. i would prefer if they could win 55-0 every week. i often think that in heaven, the steelers play every day of the week (except the sabbath, of course) and they dominate every game. for me, that's heaven.

still, if they can't blow a team out; if they must be losing at halftime; if they have to make a fourth quarter comeback (twice) to win the game; i'll take it. as long as they win. if heath miller happens to punch some defensive back in the face as he picks up a first down along the way, that's just icing on the cake. hey, its a 'stiff arm.'

anyway, the steelers beat the brownies for, what, the 300th time in a row? actually, its nine. i mean, i get it: the browns are better now. all of steeler nation got the memo, if not before the game then certainly by the fourth quarter. but the browns got a memo, too, and this one from the steelers:

dear browns,
congrats on improving since the last time we saw you. remember? when you looked like a bad high school team? you've done a great job since then. we are really impressed. couldn't you tell? no, we mean it: good job improving. but we are still better. we'll see you again next year. twice. sincerely,
the pittsburgh steelers.

the picture above is heath miller delivering this memo.


ps. billy - how'd the dolphins do?


Dan said...

Greg, don't be so quick to say we will see you next year. Have you seen the Browns remaining schedule? It is very well possible that we will see you in the again this year. Sit back, enjoy the 2nd half and bring your popcorn. Go BROWNS!

julid said...

I'm currently on hold with the Internal Revenue Service. Gee, can't decide which is worse; reading your blog bash-fest of my Brownies, the fact that the Buckeyes bit it this weekend, or being on hold with the IRS. How about just shooting me in the head and getting it over with?

greg. said...

dan, don't get too excited. if the playoffs began today, the browns would be at home thinking about next year's draft. yes, the browns are an improved team, but other than a couple of very impressive returns, they just got it absolutely handed to them by the steelers on sunday. there is alot of season left. you might be right, but i don't think they make the playoffs.

and as for you, juli. i'm sorry about the irs thing, but i am can't say the same about the sad state of ohio sports right now. at least the bungles beat the ravens.


nysewanders said...

I don't see that kinda passion in pro, but I think I have a similar one in college for the Dawgs. Did you happen to catch the Georgia/ Auburn game? WOW, get your hands on it if you can, I've never seen anything like it.

I am pumped that Ohio State lost, hopefully the BCS will get shaken up a bit more before its all said and done. Man, I love College football. What the heck is with Tebow? 5 Rushing TDs in one game? Wow.