Wednesday, November 21, 2007


"the leader of the band"
oil pastels, oil paint, and paper collage on cardboard panel
gregory a. milinovich

i haven't been doing as much with my art the last couple of weeks, because of all my work for ordination, but i had some folks in my office last night who were looking through a book of some of my art, and, simple as that might seem, it was just a very affirming exercise for me to share it with someone else. it is relatively easy to share it here online because i don't have to see your reaction. when you look at it and cringe and scrunch up your nose like you just ate an entire bushel of lemons, i don't have to see it. so there's a built-in distance that makes it all seem less intimate and scary. but sitting with some people, face-to-face, looking at my work was a completely different sensation. at least they had to be polite.

anyway, i say all that to say that it rekindled in my the joy that my collages bring me and my struggle about sharing them with anyone. so i thought i would do the easy thing and put one here on my blog! and additionally, i've made a contact with a gallery of local artists to see if they might be interested in showing some of my work, too, which would be a whole new way of sharing. we'll see what happens....

in the meantime, enjoy your thanksgiving. don't forget in all your blessedness to be a blessing, too.

peace to you.


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