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happy halloween, 2007, part two (be here now)

we went trick-or-treating again this year. wednesday night was the big night, and jack had been talking about it for days. well, weeks really. he's been telling us that he wanted to be a tiger (insert loud ear-damaging roar here) for a long time. and so, after hearing "hold your horses," "be patient," and "only a few more days," too many times, he finally got to pull on the tiger costume, get his face painted, and head out the door armed with an empty plastic pumpkin and a flashlight.

cade was a lion. someone said that shannon and i should have been bears, but i thought it wouldn't make sense to say "lion and tiger and bears, oh my!" so instead, shannon and i dressed up as if we were on safari. we were not about to spend big money on costumes, so the only thing we could find (besides our $.99 plastic safari hats) were these khaki fishing vests. we thought they worked. but most people who saw us thought that we were "lion and tiger and fishermen, oh my!"

jack did really well. he was a trooper. we went to some houses of people we know, and then hit the streets trick-or-treating. he was so good. he made my heart melt. he would go up to strangers and say trick or treat (not the politically incorrect and anatomically focused mantra from last year {see last year's post}), roar like a tiger on steroids, and then say thank you when he got his treat. the only way we convinced him that trick-or-treating needed to be over was to tell him that meemaw and pappy were coming to our home, and we had to get home to see him.

so my mom and dad have been here this weekend, which has been really nice. we've had a good time visiting with them. thursday we went to a local farm and walked around and visited with the friendly beasts of the farm.

cade is still too young to have really gotten much out of the experience. he can't eat candy yet, so the main joy of halloween is out of his grasp. he mostly just was along for the ride, occasionally reminding us that he wanted fed or something. but, for the most part, he is an amazingly good, relaxed baby. i think he looks darn cute in this picture...

and then there is jack, who seems older to me every day. people always tell me that kids grow up so fast and we should enjoy every second of it. and i always remind shannon of that when we are elbow deep in poop, or when the baby is screaming and jack is yelling "no!" at us over and over again at the top of his lungs.
we should enjoy this.
yeah, it seems inane at the time. but i know its true. everyday i can tell he is older. everyday i sort of sense it all slipping away from me. and so my boys are a reminder to me to be in this moment as fully and presently as i can, because soon it will be gone. all i can do, all i should do is be here now.
grace and peace,


Mary said…
they are sooo cute. LOVE the costumes. who gets to eat the candy...?
Redbank Billy said…
A very good question, where does all the candy go???? and I second the "cute" thing.
Paula said…
Hey Greg~ Love the way Jack looks like he likes the BENGALS. Awesome...
Seeing Cade reminds me of when Josh was a lion 17 years ago. Treasure every single moment. Paula~
mego said…
I have it all figured out - you could have been a bear,Shannon could have been Dorothy, and Max could have been Toto!
Seriously though - the boys look adorable. I'm sad we don't have a picture of the fishermen/safari parents!
greg. said…
okay, here's the deal with the candy. i took out all of the good candy and ate it already. the rest of it is still in the pumpkin. when jack poops in the potty, he gets to choose one.

why does it always come back to poop?

and paula, look, i wasn't going to bring up the bengals, but since you did. wow. 2-6? are you serious? after an aberration last year, the universe is restored to rightness...


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