Saturday, November 17, 2007


"in our image"
paper collage on cardboard panel
gregory a. milinovich

hello friends. happy saturday morning. don't know what you are up to today but i hope it involves some measure of noticing the leaves strewn all about your feet like rose petals at a wedding. the trees, even in settling into a solemn sleep, still celebrate and make their joyous noises.

i hope your day includes breathing. and noticing it. and thanking your maker for it. and remembering just how freaking amazing it is that all of us in all our diversity are scurrying around on this planet like ants sharing this same air.

the collage above is one i made this week. i didn't really have any intentions when i started it, but as it began to take shape it became about creation for me. often when i make a collage it isn't a theological statement so much as a visual reflection. do i believe God has hundreds of people in God's hair? no. do i believe God looks like a human woman (taken from a life magazine circa 1947?). no. do i believe God vomited creation out like a rand mcnally map mess? no. but i am struck by the phrase 'in our image' from the creation story (gen 1:26). now, i've had enough theological training to know about the 'royal we' and all that, but it still doesn't take away the beautiful mystery of that language for me. and so i respond to it. i respond to it by creating this. that's just how i roll.

i hope your saturday involves you responding somehow to the majesty and mystery of this here God-breathed world. its a mess, sometimes, yes. but its full of celebration and air and color and breath, too. breathe it in.



Mary said...

this doesn't have a ton to do with your blog...except that it has to do with the personification of God so to speak...but i heard this quote from who knows who or when or what...and it made me chuckle. so and so said "if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans..." i find that true :) here is a way to relate it to your blog...if you want God to laugh, tell Him how you picture Him. see that application? yeah...right...

i like your collage and i think it would be cool to be apart of God's everflowing hair. shampoo all the bad people out though. Rinse and repeat if necessary

Eric said...

I wish I made more time to breathe... I feel like now I'm working full time, and teaching, and gigging, it's just hard to fit in breathing and sleeping too.

I'm not doing a very good job of balancing it all, so I'm glad you reminded me to take a minute, take a deep breath, and be filled by the magnificence of everything around us. Life is good, God is good... I just need to stop missing it!

Thank you for your thoughtful, insightful, and sincere thoughts, they are another one of life's little blessings for me.