Monday, October 29, 2007


okay, so this picture is from several months ago. sorry. still, its cute. anyway, here are some cute things jack has been saying lately:
j: i smell sumpin'.
g: what do you smell?
j: dirt.
j: i am cookster man!
g: who is cookster man?
j: cookster man!
g: do you cook things?
j: yes.
g: what do you cook?
j: beans.
g: anything else besides beans?
j: oranges. cookster man wears gloves, too. (now jumping around) cookster man!
j: i smell sumpin'.
g: what do you smell.
j: i smell your poop. stinks like a stunk (this is how he says skunk).
g: jack, come here i want to show you something.
j: (entering the room) what's up?
the phone rings, but mommy doesn't hear it because she is vacuuming. jack goes and gets the phone then brings it to mommy,
j: mommy, you need to call somebody.
after i had just secretly eaten some doritos,
j: i smell sumpin'.
g: what do you smell?
j: what are you eating?
g: nothing.
j: i smell your eating. what are you eating?
g: nothing. i don't know what you are talking about.
j: (nodding and smiling, matter of factly) chips.
ahh, toddlers...


Kevin and Amy said...

Okay, that's it. I must confess that I am a closet Agent Orange reader. The End.

That feels so much better.

Anyway, Greg, hi, it's Amy. Hi, Shannon! Hi, Jack and Cade! I can't stand the feeling of spying on your life any longer without at least letting you know.

So I think the catalyst for me coming clean was the hysterical entry about Jackisms. I'm talking laugh-out-loud material. I love the nodding and the knowing..."chips."

And don't worry, I haven't been stalking every entry for the past several years...just the occassional check-in. But now that I'm "out," I may your number one biggest fan. I just love the voice of your blog!

That is all...just saying hello and letting you know that your family is fantastic. So funny, so spunky, so beautiful.

And please let us know when the pillowcase gets its next washing. Fascinating stuff, I'm serious.

greg. said...

hi amy! spying seems completely acceptable to me, as long as you let us know. and now you have, so, its all good.

thanks for the shout out and the encouragement. i'm glad the blog makes you laugh.

and, um, about the pillowcase, don't hold your breath. its going to be awhile.


Redbank Billy said...

great stuff man!!! Can't wait to see Jack, I could teach him some real "isms" HA!!!!!!

greg. said...

easy there redbank. he is still relatively pure and innocent. ok, he's not innocent, but he is pure. when he's sleeping.

Kevin and Amy said...

Now, see, I have to go back and rephrase my comment. I think the blog is MUCH more than funny! I admit that it does make me laugh, but it is provoking and challenging and raw, too...and I really think it's fantastic. Award-winning. Thanks for sharing so much of your life with your readers. And thanks, Crafty P, for providing the link!