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the end of an era?

doesn't joe look like he's about to cry? well, he wouldn't be the only one, then. i shed my own tears last night, sitting upright in my bed, shannon sleeping next to me, unable to watch the horrid defeat. with the only light in the room the flicker of the tv screen's unfolding disaster, i felt the wetness of a tear on my cheek.

i admit it: i cry at sporting events. i always have. i just get so darn invested.

but this, this was even more. yeah, it hurts to invest your energy and passion in following a team so closely for 7 or 8 months only to see them fall apart in 4 short games. but this was more than defeat. this was, it seems, the end of an era.

steinbrenner said that if the yankees didn't get out of this series that mr. torre's job would be on the line. well, if he meant what he said, joe will soon be fired. and apparently joe thinks the boss meant what he said because if you listened to any of the post game (which i did - i am a sucker for misery) joe kept talking about looking back on his 12 years as manager and about how 'they' will be a good team next year (not 'we').

if it is indeed true that mr. torre will be fired, i will probably cry again. he has been the manager since before i moved to new jersey. in many ways, for me, he is the wise grandfather of these yankees. many of the players have changed over the years, but torre has remained. and, if i had any say in the matter, he would remain. tell me who is going to be better at handling the relentless new york media and the ridiculous combination of egos that inevitably end up in pinstripes making God-awful sums of money? who is going to command the respect of some old veterans and the new blood? who else?


at least the steelers won sunday. i turn my attention now to them fully.

well, almost fully. i still have to invest a bit of energy into hoping the red sox get destroyed by the indians.



Dan said…
Greg, I told you I thought it would be a good series, and it was. I too had a tear on my cheek last night, but mine was a tear of joy. We will do what we can to take down the Sox, just hope it isn't another sweep for the Sox.

As for Torre, I say keep him and get rid of Darth Steinbrenner. All you have to do is look at the San Diego Chargers, they fired Schottenheimer after a 14-2 record, because he didn't win in the playoffs. Look at them now.
Crafty P said…
i'm so sorry for your loss. truly.
greg. said…
christina - you can keep your sarcasm to yourself.

dan - great analogy with the chargers. still, it seems like joe will be gone. darth steinbrenner is really just a figurehead at this point. his son basically runs the team. i know he is so hated and all, but at this point he is really just a character with a ton of money.

there are other people making the decisions.

probably the wrong decisions.

Anonymous said…
So, last night my hubby kept asking me to swap channels so he could watch said baseball game.....and a funny convo followed:

Jay: Whew, this is good!
Rachel: What is?
Jay: The team I need to win is ahead.
R: What do you mean "need to win", are you in some kind of league?
J: No, I'm just invested.
R: You mean you have money riding on this game??!!
J: No, of course not.
R: Well, then what are you talking about????
J: Honey, I'm a sports fan.

That explains it all, folks. Either you're a fan or you're not.

julid said…
First of all, there's NO CRYING IN BASEBALL.

Second, the Yankees are not part of any league - they are in one of their own creating, based on Steinbrenner's money and ego.

What is the measure of success? It wasn't enough that Joe Torre, the BEST MANAGER IN THE GAME, took them to 6 WS and that they've been in 13 recent postseasons? Most on HIS WATCH!!! I gues he didn't time it right - he front loaded.

There are teams that have NEVER won a WS and who mostly don't get to postseason. And who would love to have someone like Joe Torre.

Alright, enough ranting from a confessed Yankee hater.

I love my TRIBE and this could be their year!!!!

GO INDIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Juli D
Anonymous said…
Go Tribe!

Love, Pete
Redbank Billy said…
what's baseball????
mego said…
go Steelers?
Redbank Billy said…
Go Miami!!!!!
nysewanders said…
Greg, how do you keep up with all these sports? I have a hard enough time following college football with a fam. Gators are looking scary despite the two losses. You should be expecting those to be the only ones of the season. Unless my dawgs can pull an upset in two weeks, but I aint seein that happenin.
greg. said…
okay, its my blog. it is ever and always steelers and yankees here. some logical deductions ensue: the browns need to lose. the red sox need to lose. the ravens need to be extinct.

and billy, miami? we will send you any other washed up and overpaid players we come up with (joey porter, anyone?).

oh, and john mark, georgia? are you serious? in the SEC alone georgia is what, the 5th best team? i'm a florida fan, but not a fanatic. i watch a game when i get the chance. but my two big sports are football and baseball. that's what i follow. i mean, you got to have priorities, right?

nysewanders said…
Oh Greg, you should know with all of your sports following that you have your team and you stick with them. I am not a fairweather fan. I became a dawg a few years back, after my wife got me into it. Since then I have stuck with them. I am sad at times, and jubilant mostly, but win or lose, I bleed red and black. They have looked shakey this season, but I watch all the games, and dont give up hope. Wish I could meet you in Jacksonville for the game.

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