Friday, October 05, 2007

by water and the Spirit

wow. long time no talkie talk. sorry about that. we had an amazing weekend with all kinds of family in to visit, and i have spent the week trying to catch up. when i get busy this blog usually becomes one of the first things to be left undone. thats just the way it is, people, so deal with it.

okay, on a friendlier note, i just wanted to recap this last weekend for everyone. caedmon was baptized on sunday (september 30) at an outdoor worship service our church held. in order to celebrate the event with us, many of our family members traversed interstate 80 and the pennsylvania turnpike to join us. we had people staying in the house, people staying in a camper at a local state park, and even some people staying in a house of one of our church members who was away. All in all we had 17 people around the house this weekend, which was crazy but wonderful, too.

saturday night we had a fire and cooked hot dogs and mountain pies and just enjoyed the warm fall evening (outside, where we could not see the gators losing inside).

sunday cade was baptized at our worship service at a nearby county park. it was the church picnic, and we had gorgeous weather. cade was perfect and really seemed interested in what was going on. it is such a neat moment for me, especially as an itinerant pastor, to witness the community of faith gather around a child and pledge to support his journey in faith. it was even more special to have our families there with us. cade was baptized with water that symbolizes all this family: water from the monongehela and other parts of western pa.; water from warrior's run in warrior's mark, pa; and water from the branch of the raritan river right behind our church, not to mention several other places. i collaged a special bowl for the water which he will be able to have for the rest of his life as a reminder of this special event.

after the service was the picnic portion of the day. we had a great time playing games and just enjoying our family and our church family. jack got his face painted like a tiger and then entertained the crowds by roaring exceedingly loudly for the remainder of the day.

we had a wonderful weekend, and want to thank all of those who continue to support us in our journey as a family. your love for us keeps us going at times. it inspires us. it challenges us. it reminds us of our holy calling. you fill us with hope in the midst of a sometimes hopeless world. thank you for loving us.

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Mary said...

im so glad that i could be there bro :) it really was a nice time...albeit super fast...and i didn't get enough attention :)