Friday, October 26, 2007

big boy

cade turned 6 months old yesterday. so he celebrated by going to the doctor and having both of his legs pierced several times with various needles. fun! shannon said he did better than i do with shots. i'm not surprised. he doesn't know enough yet to be as afraid as he should be. the picture of him above is from his baptism almost a month ago already...

anyway, he has a clean bill of health. and he's growing like a weed. he is 20 pounds. he is in the 97th percentile still for weight and for height. i guess he grew 2 inches since his last appointment. basically, he is still really big. still blonde. still blue-eyed. is this my baby???

we are all, i think, basically over our illnesses and back in the swing of things. it is supposed to rain here for the next, oh, 83 hours straight, so it looks like we'll be thinking of some fun 'inside' activities for the weekend. we were supposed to go on a hayride but that's been cancelled. so, put on a sweatshirt or something and enjoy your weekend.

pam, would you please clear my phone lines?



Mary said...

i'll be in tent. in the rain. outside chikfila. eat more chicken.

Redbank Billy said...

man, I have to meet this kid yet!!!
He will be bigger than me by the time I do. enjoy the rain and doing stuff inside, I look forward to sitting on the couch!!!!!

cathyq said...

2 inches? Wow! He is going to be a tall boy! Of course, you didn't (and don't) have blue eyes, but you certainly had blonde hair!

I can't wait to sqeeze him on Wednesday!

Cold and rainy here too. Can anyone put the corn bag in the microwave?

Ding.Ding.Ding. Your phone lines are clear.

Emoly said...

beep, beep, boop, boop, beep, beep.

that was hilarious.