Tuesday, October 23, 2007

being sick sucks

being sick sucks. it is just miserable when you feel physically awful. we've all been there. you should know that i am particularly bad at at.

but nothing is as bad as when your whole family gets sick.
shannon: achy, vomiting, nausea
jack: diarrhea
cade: vomiting, extremely sleepy
greg: achy, diarrhea, exremely sleepy, unable to deal with the above.

i mean it is one thing to clean up your son's liquid feces when you are well and you have all your faculties to fight off the gag reflex. but it is another thing altogether when you are already feeling like you might toss your cookies. there has been vomit and poop everywhere around here since saturday afternoon.

i could go on and on, but will spare you any more disgusting details. suffice to say that we haven't been feeling well here at the milinovich house. i swear that this has nothing to do with the sickening display the steelers defense put on sunday night, or the fact that the boston dread sox are going to the world series. okay, maybe it has a little to do with it.

i am feeling a little better this morning, and hopefully we'll all be coming around soon. but not because i had anything to do with it. i mostly went and buried myself under the covers. shannon pretty much held the household together: doing laundry, scrubbing floors, giving baths, throwing up, making soup, etc. while i laid in bed. i'm exagerating here, but only a tiny bit. without her ability to see past her own sickness, this house would be a shambles, with children wallowing around in their own..you know. there would be bugs and toxic waste and vultures circling overhead, and i would be under the covers. sleeping it off.

being sick sucks. but thank God for women who are able to get past it and help the rest of us babies.



Crafty P said...

last line.... AMEN.

Seriously, God has given us women a gift to deal with an entire sick family.

the beginning to your post was just gross and I couldn't read it- maybe b/c I've lived it?

we're currently at 2 down and 4 somewhat healthy people over here. we'll see what the count is by the weekend!

Erin said...

why are men such babies about being sick. i just don't get it. aren't you supposed to be the tough ones? if m. as much as a sore throat and a cough, it's like the world is ending... may i remind you that i pushed a 9lb2oz watermelon out of my body? get a grip!! :) just kidding... sort of.

greg. said...


men are what they are. they are all bravado and macho on the outside because they have to be in order to protect what little vulenerable children they are on the inside. when they get sick, they are unable to sustain their facade of machismo, and a truer self emerges.

who is worse? the man who acts like a tough guy to hide the fact that he is really a weenie, or the woman who knowingly chooses to marry him anyway?

just a question.

mego said...

been there all too frequently. It's pretty much the same at our house ONLY because Matt gets sicker than anyone and since I'm usually much better off than him I take care of everyone. I'm sure you're very glad you have someone as kind and compassionate as Shannon - I would definitely be kicking your butt out of bed. Regardless, being sick does suck.

Redbank Billy said...

still the same old greg I see!!!! thank God for Shannon, you lucky dog.
Hope you are all well though, hate to see sick kids.