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thursday in the office with the kids

even though it is my day off i am sitting in my office at the church. shannon needed some time without kids to get some of her graphic design work done (she does have her own business, after all, on paper designs), so i took them here to my office. jack is watching madagascar on a portable dvd player (and by "watching" i mean that he is stomping around my office roaring into a styrofoam cup). cade is sleeping peacefully, ignoring the ferocious lion of a toddler on the other side of the door, and i am sitting at the computer. i thought i would throw a quick post up here since i'm going to be out of pocket for a couple of days. we are traveling to central pa for some family birthdays (neice and nephew), and i won't have access to a computer. so here is what is bouncing around my brain today:

-the yankees are now only 1.5 games behind the red sox in the american least, with a magic number of 5 to win the wild card. the playoffs almost seem like a lock right now, and winning the east is a real possibility. who would have thought that back in may when the yankees were playing so bad and no one believed. i rememberd the stories of 1978 and really really hoped that they could repeat it. its incredible. i love baseball.

-oj simpson is ridiculous.

-i watched a movie late last night called sliding doors, starring gwenyth paltrow. has anyone else seen it? it is very interesting, and just ondered if anyone else had any thoughts.

-there are moments in these days when autumn is starting to show up. its on the tips of the trees and the slight crackle underfoot. its on the edge of the morning. its the soft and so far subtle surrendering of the valant trees, about to relent to the seasons' expectation. the whole world will soon seem to burst into flames of amber and orange, deep bloody red and bright yellow. i love autumn. i love long sleeves and seeing my breath in the morning. i love leaves. i love football and cider. and apples. and pumpkins. and the leaves that dance in front of my car. and the way the world pulls up the blanket over our heads in preperation for winter. sigh.

-in case you missed it, yesterday was national talk like a pirate day. if you didn't talk like a pirate, do it today. its never too late to celebrate. arrrr....

-in case you've been wondering about that accountability i was talking about several weeks ago in terms of my diet and excercise, here you go: i'm still going. i've lost about 24 pounds now, and still trying to maintain these good habits. it feels like i've made some lifestyle changes that aren't just for the short term....but keep me accountable anyway.

-jack just unplugged the dvd player. my guess is tears will soon follow. ah yes, here we go.



Erin said…
i was wondering how your fitness routine was going. Excellent work!
Keep it up...

Crafty P said…
TWENTY- FOUR POUNDS???? Oh my goodness! that is so awesome! Way too stay on it, Greg!

That reminds me of a show we are still trying to watch. You may have heard of it, 24? We are on season 2. I'm so not into it right now, but that's b/c we haven't had much time to devote to DVD's and shows of that nature (by that I mean, shows that make you want to watch every episode on the DVD).

ummm....what else. I'll try and update my blog today. I may have a few minutes as I have been given a few more hours sleep lately!

I have not seen Sliding Doors.

I too think OJ is ridunkulous.

I cannot wait for the Office premiere- your post title made me think of that or for fall!!!

have a lovely day!
Anonymous said…
What's a pirates favorite body of water?

The Arrrrrctic Ocean

What's a pirates favorite element on the Periodic Chart?


I got a million of 'em

mego said…
Congrats on the weight loss - I think a picture of the slimmer healthier you is needed.

I've seen Sliding Doors. I saw it years ago and then bought it recently at Wal-Mart for super cheap. Definitely interesting... no matter what "route" we take we eventually end up at the same destination ... or you could get into the whole soul mate thing as well.

I caught the talk like a pirate day as well. but it was after the kids were in bed and matt was out so I had no one to talk to!

have fun in PA
JJ said…
Sliding Doors is one of my favorites! I love the way it illustrates that the outcomes of both our choices and situations beyond our control (even those that seem small) can actually have an enormous effect on subsequent events in our lives, in ways that we can't even imagine. I like to think of this when something happens that frustrates me (a slow driver in front of me; spilling an entire pitcher of orange juice on the kitchen floor before work, thus making me late; etc.). There is so much going on behind the scenes in our lives.
Joel said…
greg, someone sent me the link to this ladies work, especially her books reminded me of some of your colloges. I thought you might enjoy it.

joel (monica's husband)
Joel said…
check out this ladies books they reminded me of your colloges...joel(monica's husband)
Emoly said…
Greg, ohmygosh. I have been telling people about that movie forever. I love it. I love the way it explains those deja vu moments. I talk about it often. What are your thoughts? I am open to discussing it...
greg. said…
so, yeah. i lost that weight. i think i gained two of them back this weekend, but i'm back on the routine now. i feel good about my new habits and it is nice to have a healthier feel.

as far as sliding doors - i really like it, although it was hard to watch in some ways for me. what i love about it is that concept of the significance of all those seemingly insignificant 'chance' circumstances of our lives. there are some who don't believe in coincidence. others believe that God has predestined every thing to happen. others see no order in these chaotic events of our lives. i guess most of us live and breathe and believe somewhere between those two extremes. but it is absolutely fascinating to imagine the different ways our life may play out because of the most trivial circumstances. "if i had left the house 2 minutes earler..." kind of thing. our choices have numerous unforeseen consequences. that is part of what makes the story so fascinating.

no pictures of me yet. wait til i lose a little more. maybe i'll give you a before and after, though i'm pretty sure no one wants to see a before picture of me. it is hairy. and huge.
greg. said…
joel, thanks for the link. i really love her books. very inspiring to me. thanks.

nysewanders said…

Didn't we watch sliding doors when Joe and I came up to your place? I thought for sure that was the one we chose at the blockbuster. Man we had some good laughs then. I wish we could get together again sometime. Love ya brother.

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