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farewell to summer

caedmon charles
4 months
smile, its the last weekend of summer. labor day is here, which is a holiday that is supposed to remind us of something important, but i can never remember what it is. only that it makes me think of labor, which is something that shannon has done twice while i stood next to her and cried. actually, labor day, for me, is more significant as a signal of the end of summer and a re-entry into the schedule of the fall. college football started this week. the pros start this coming week. school has begun. and life, for better or for worse, is back to its normal rhythm.
and so today i stand and salute the summer. thank you, dear season, for your long days and (sometimes unbearable) heat. thank you for vacations and road trips. thank you for so much baseball. thank you for hamburgers and hot dogs. thank you for the way you shun routine. thank you for thunderstorms and fireworks. and now, goodbye. until next year when we will await your coming to us with great expectation, goodbye.


cathyq said…
Greg, you have a way of making the holiday sad. Geez. Just kidding. Cade is adorable!!!He makes me smile.
mary said…
adios verano fabuloso
Redbank Billy said…
what mary said !!!!
Crafty P said…
okay... please tell me that you did spell your son's name incorrectly, b/c I thought we were spelling it caedmon and then cade for short. Am I hallucinating????

labor day always makes me think of birth as well. Let's think of it as a birthday for a new season! my favorite season.... FALL(I know it's not 'really' fall yet)- pumpkins, falling leaves, football, orange stuff, cooler nights, not AC on.... i love fall!
greg. said…
ok, please tell me that you are alright, because, as i see it, it looks alright to me...

maybe the late nights are doing something to your eyesight?

Crafty P said…
i promise that it was spelled Cademon under that picture when I read it. hmmmmm

I am perfectly alright!!! alright!

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