Friday, September 28, 2007


i'm sorry if you don't like sports posts, but THE YANKEES CLINCHED A PLAYOFF BERTH THIS WEEK, BABY! oh yeah, the yanks are in the second season for the 13th season in a row. i always say that your main goal during the regular season just has to be getting into the postseason anyway that you can, because anything can happen in those little 5 and 7 game series. usually, it isn't necessarily the better team that wins, but the hotter one. that being said, i feel good about the yankees because they are pretty hot right now. only 3 games of the regular season left. its october, baby! as homer says, "woo-hoo!"



Dan said...

1 down, 2 to go. My Indians won the first battle to take down the Evil Empire. My boss was there last night and he is a Yankee fan. He didn't stay for the whole game. Gave up in the 8th. Should be a good series.

greg. said...

yes, dan. i am aware. don't worry, though, andy pettitte goes tonight and will take care of business. we'll see you at yankee stadium.

Dan said...

What an incredible game last night. I think that possibly the Yankees were about to win that game until we sent in the secret weapon, The "Canadian Soldiers". Millions of nats to swarm the field and land on Joba's face. It should be fun clinching in N.Y.