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to blog or not to blog

wow. its been awhile. actually, the last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. everyday has brought about a whole new set of activities, and, with the regular routine resposibilites of feeding, cleaning, bathing, dressing, undressing, entertaining, disciplining and otherwise rearing two young boys, it is all too easy to begin to lose track of the days as they speed by.

that's one reason that i have really enjoyed keeping this blog. over the last 9 months or so it has really helped me to keep track, to document these days as they pass. but, over the last few weeks while i have so much time away from the computer, i've had the chance to really reflect on why i blog at all and if i really want to keep at it.

one of the reasons why i do this thing is to keep people posted on our lives. i have been able to stay in contact with family and friends and give you a little glimpse into our lives through my silly anecdotes and our family photos. it seems to me that, for those who stop by from time to time, this is a valuable way to stay in touch. it isn't exactly a conversation, but it is at least a contact.

one of the other main reasons i do this is that i really love the creative outlet. i love to write, in case you haven't figured that out yet, and while i don't have any crazy fantasies about being an incredible writer, i do know that writing is a bit of a gift for me. and so it is fun for me to use that gift, to put down into words what is sometimes going on in my head and heart. i have done this in my journal for years. this has served as a way to share some of that. and, to be honest, i have enjoyed that. i hope it is for more than just to serve my ego. i hope that it brings me pleasure, in part, because there is Spirit in the words and sometimes we need that from one another to keep moving on. if i am called to share the good news, then maybe for one who loves words so much, i am called to share it through this venue. at least for now.

and so i will continue to blog. hopefully as the summer comes to an end and the fall begins i will be a bit more regular in my posting. for all of you that stop by regularly, or from time to time, thanks for being here.
here is jack and three of his cousins at shannon's parents house a couple of weeks ago.

here is a picture i took at the warren county fair last week. it was a great idea to take the kids to the fair on an evening when it was 96 degrees outside. right. remind me to tell you about that...

here is cade last week with his great-pap. cade looks very serious.

while in pittsburgh last week, we got to take jack to a farm that is owned and run by a guy in my dad's church. jack called him 'farmer don.' and farmer don had pigs and cows and horses that we got to see. and this is a picture of jack with my dad and one of the horses.


Anonymous said…
im glad that you are going to continue to blog. though i admit that i am sad that i lost my personal pen pal from times ago.
Dan said…
Greg, I am glad to hear that you will continue with your blog. I look forward to it every morning. Your story about your trip to NYC was so inspirational, it made me tear up. The work you do with your youth is wonderful. I am sorry I couldn't make it down last weekend for you visit, but Karen said she had a wonderful time. We don't get to see you that often, so when we do, it is special.
greg milinovich said…
mary - your pen pal just called. he said to get over yourself and send him an email. geesh.
greg milinovich said…
dan - yeah, i missed seeing you. it was so good to see everybody. your little joel is SO adorable. what a blessing to have such a wonderful child! i'm glad to know that you are a frequent visitor to the blog. i will keep writing!

Emoly said…
what could possibly go wrong at a fair in 96 degree heat???

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