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hello again friends. i've missed you. as you know, i spent nearly a week in new york city. what you may not know is that i had to cut my trip a bit short to get to central pennsylvania for shannon's grandma's funeral. we spent a few days there, and we just returned home last night. so it has been a whirlwind week and a half. i am finally back.

i want to reflect a little about my experience in brooklyn, as well as the passing of shannon's grandmother, but not today. i have about 6,000 emails wating for me to sort through, so i need to go do that. suffice to say that sometimes life feels to me like it is eroding. fading. washing away. that the stream of time just continues to rip off bits and chunks of us and carries it away to some unknown delta. the air is just full of these pieces of life and stuff, an assemblage of atoms, all streaming away. where does all this matter go?

i want to believe, i do believe, that all is not lost. atoms and innocence, it will all be reconciled. all that is dead will be alive again. all that is ash will be beauty. all that is empty will be full.


RedBank Billy said…
Glad to see you are back, but sorry to hear about shannons grandma. Hope all is well with you guys, see ya soon
greg. said…
hey billy. i'm glad to see that someone is still visiting my blog since i've been gone so long.

i miss you guys! i meant to call linda on saturday to wish her a happy birthday, but it was crazy with the funeral and all. i hope to give you guys a call soon just to catch up. hope you had a good vacation.

RedBank Billy said…
Of course I still read your blog, seems its the only way I stay somewhat connected to you and your growing family. We miss you guys too and I also wish I could be with you on some of your "experiences" of late. NYC mission souded way cool.

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