Monday, July 16, 2007

two poopers

so, last week i came home from work when jack was at his grandparents' house. shannon and cade had just left for delaware for a cousin's birthday party, and this is the note that greeted me. in case you can't read it, it says the following:
i clogged the toilet downstairs and the diaper genie needs emptied. miss you!
your two poopers
ok people, do you see what i'm working with here?
on the other hand, she made me raspberry pie last night (not pictured - mostly eaten). marriage is all about these ups and downs. you may have to deal with some sh#&, but you will also get to enjoy some pie.
in the end, its all worth it.


Emoly said...

wow, that stinks...

cathyq said...

Seems like a small price to pay for good pie.

Anonymous said...

does shannon know you posted this??

greg. said...

yes, shannon knows i posted it. i even asked her beforehand if it was ok for me to post it. she didn't say yes, but i asked!

at least the couch is comfortable.