Friday, June 08, 2007

o! the depths!

there's our little man. check out the shirt. he gets it honest.

in other news, it may interest my regular readers to know that my lunch yesterday actually consisted of two hot dogs (no buns) and a cup of coffee. i am not making this up.

i did indeed purchase some organic coffee on the way home the other night. i bought Jim's coffee, and, oh, it was so good. i did want to point out, though, that coffee, to be experienced at its best, ought to be brewed in a bunn coffeemaker. now, hear me out on this. i went through a doubting stage about this. i used to think that coffeemakers were coffeemakers, and it really didn't matter. but i kept noticing that my parents coffee always tasted better than mine. they had a bunn. i noticed that most restaurants were using bunn coffeemakers. so i got online and read about them. i learned a little bit about how coffee is brewed, and how water temperature really has something to do with it. so, i caved in and we asked for a bunn coffeemaker for christmas. since then, i have been able to enjoy perfectly brewed coffee right in my own home. if you didn't know - now you know.

it may surprise you to know that as i am writing this i am listening to a backyardigans cd that i borrowed from the library. o! the depths to which we sink as parents!

this weekend the pittsburgh pirates (my favorite national league team) travel up to the bronx for a rare visit to yankee stadium for a three game series with the yankees (my favorite american league team). it is a sports fan's conundrum: no matter who wins, i am happy, and no matter who loses, i am bummed. they, by nature, cannot both win the games. so i will be torn between pirates and yankees, between the joy of the win and the agony of defeat, between which of these backyardigan songs to put on my ipod.



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mego said...

but do you know the words....?

we've got the whole wide world in our yard to explore.....

i bet you do.

go bucs!