Tuesday, June 26, 2007

eight years ago today

eight years ago on this day...
-it was the hottest day on record in the northern hemisphere (appx. 157 degrees fahrenheit)
-our wedding cake melted and almost slid off
-i was blessed to be surrounded by family and friends
-i sang a song i had written to shannon in front of all those family and friends
-i made a fool of myself singing a song i had written to shannon in front of all of those family and friends.
-we danced our first dance as a married couple, tuck and patty's "takes my breath away"
-we kissed alot (at the reception people! get your minds out of the gutter!)
-we smiled until our cheeks hurt
-we danced until our legs hurt
-we were the object of a good 10,000 or so photographs, until our smiles hurt (is that possible?)
-we made a public commitment, before God and our families and friends, that we would stick by each other through whatever valleys came our way.
-i finally ended my year of counting down the days, like a prisoner trapped in a lonely cell of waiting and waiting...
-chicka-wow-chicka-wow-wow (you know what i'm talking about).
-i looked like that kid in the picture up there: young and skinnier.
-we began a married life together; a journey that has been so rich so far - so full of incredible joys and terrible lows and thousands of days in between. it is full of laughter and tears and bills and love notes and diapers and jewelry and vacations and catastrophes and dreams and mistakes and grace and stubborness and fights and forgiveness and love and anniversaries. like today.
happy anniversary, shannon. i love you.


edrew85 said...

Wow- congratulations on your anniversary!

I'm glad vacation in Maine was good, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope everything is going well there.

Sometime we'll have to talk over email or phone about what happens next before (or during) seminary. Thank you so much for your help, thoughts, and encouragement, they have made a huge difference for me.

Take care and hopefully I'll catch you soon!


Deanne said...

Greg, I just had to say that you most certainly did not make a fool of yourself. I remember your song, and I thought it was one of the sweetest thing ever!

I can't believe it's been 8 years for you guys! Congrats!!!!!

mego said...

Congratulations on eight years! I remember how hot it was that day and of course no air conditioning anywhere in Warriors Mark :)