Sunday, June 10, 2007

ahhh, vacation

paper collage and found objects on cardboard panel
gregory a. milinovich

ahh. the day before vacation. a day of anticipation and excitement. a day of packing and worrying about how the heck everything is going to fit in the van. a day of calling local uhaul rental centers to see what they have available. a day of making sure everything is covered until you get back. a day of putting timers on the lamps so that they turn on and off without you being there. a day of mowing the lawn so that when you return you don't have to use a machete to get to your front door. a day of watching the final of a three-game series between the yanks and the bucs (yes, christina, there is an inside the park home run. there is also something called a series sweep. we'll talk later). a day of unpacking the van and trying again because there are still approximately 45 baby items of unusually large size that you have failed to fit. a day of packing several books for your trip which you probably won't read but that you have great expectations about reading. a day of trying to get to sleep so that you'll be rested for your trip tomorrow, but finding yourself way too excited to sleep, tossing and turning most of the night and finding yourself ridiculously tired and pumped full of coffee in the morning, irritable at all the cops on the side of the highway and 10-mile long construction sites where no one ever seems to actually do any construction. ahhh. vacation.

yes yes. i leave for vacation tomorrow. to maine. but you won't know that if you come to my house because the grass will be short and the lamps will keep popping on and off all over the house like some sort of domestic strobe-light show. actually, you can come sit in the neatly-trimmed lawn and watch the spectacle. bring popcorn.

i am excited about vacation, not because of all things i'm going to do, but because of all the things i'm not going to do. i hope to relax. do a few puzzles. read some books. collect sea glass. throw stones into the ocean until my arm hurts. sleep at random times and in odd places, like the front porch.

i won't be blogging for awhile, as one of the things i'm looking forward to not doing is touching a computer. it will be a ink and paper kind of vacation. maine just feels old to me. it has this kind of romantic charm to it, for me, like i have traveled back to another time. i will enjoy that other time, that slower time, that accomplishment-free time for awhile. i hope you all have a wonderful mid-june, and i will post when i get back.



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Crafty P said...

yeah, i saw that coming.... no worries. I can take it. I had to get some smack talk in before the buccos got their butts whooped.

happy holiday-ing!