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sad today

i feel like i'm about to lose a family a member. a bunch of them, actually.
i just found out last night that the gilmore girls only have one week left to live.
the gilmore girls, in case you don't know, is a tv series on the cw (formerly the wb) which is in its seventh, and apparently final, season.
now that you've probably already jumped to judgment, but before you lose all respect for me, let me just say, unabashedly and unashamedly, that i am a huge fan. i love it. i love it like family.
i've loved it for years.
i've loved it since the first day i saw it, just catching the end of an episode, but seeing enough to want so see more.
i've loved it for its characters. i've loved lorelei and rory and luke and logan and emily and richard and paris and sookie and michelle and christopher and lane and zack and miss patty and kirk and taylor and all of them.
i've loved it for its setting - the idyllic star's hollow. it is small town, usa, complete with town meetings and a gazebo.
i've loved it for its dialogue - ridiculously fast-paced conversation loaded with pop culture references and real human interaction, rather than traditional tv talk.
i've loved it for its music - its simple sam (formerly leslie) phillips strumming and singing.
i've loved it for its messyness - how it deals with divorce and love and parenting and faith and death and despair and wealth and life-in-general.
i've loved it for how it has fostered community in my home - no other tv show has created the kind of community we've had around this show; the way we've had numerous friends over to the house over the last several years; the way we've had junk-food parties; the way we've called our town stars hollow, imagining with friends that we are in that world; the way its provided food for discussion and conversation with friends.
i've loved it for the way it has engaged me as a whole person - my mind, my emotion, and my spirit.
i'm sad today.


mego said…
I found out last week and was actually thinking of telling you guys - but didn't want to be the bearer of bad news. If you are really a complete dork (like me), go to - under Michael Ausiello you can find a couple of GG things - an interview a few days ago with Lauren Graham and alot of questions/answers about the series....
What did you think about the Rory Logan breakup? I thought it was too sudden and abrupt. Let's hope they can do a good job wrapping it up next week- unfortunately it was filmed as a season finale, not a series....
greg. said…
that's exactly the problem, megan. i had no problem with the breakup because it made some sense to me in terms of logan's character. i have NEVER trusted him. i have always thought she should guard her heart with him because he was trouble.

but i totally agree with you in terms of the finale. it was filmed as a season finale, so it seems like the kind of show that would leave you with some real open-ended plotlines, so that viewers would anticipate the next season. on the other hand, they have known all along that there was a (pretty good) chance that this might be the last season, so maybe it was written/filmed with that also in mind. i mean, did you see the previews for next week's episode? it sure as heck seems like they are wrapping it up! it seems like maybe they will wrap it all up too soon and too quickly. i wish it didn't have to end like this. a story should get to end on its own terms, when the story is ready to end, not when an outside force brings it to an end.

it sucks.

i'm pouting.
Emoly said…
I am seriously upset. I wanted to watch the final episode with you and Shannon. That's how it's supposed to end. We were supposed to have more then a two episode warning! How can we plan a get together on such short notice??? I am so tempted to drive out to see you anyway! What do you think? GG's reunion for the final episode?
mego said…
I agree that I didn't always trust Logan, but the writers seemed to be moving him in a more positive direction and he was continually supportive of Rory. So this seemed like a set back for his character and not in the direction he had been moving all season. It didn't ring true - maybe earlier on it would have when he was more cocky.
cathyq said…
I absolutely hated the Rory/Logan breakup. It was not in line with where they have been leading us; afterall, it was Rory who was madly in love with him for so long, and now she doesn't want to marry him? It is just wrong. I don't buy it as a dedicated viewer. It is forced. It is contrary to the writing up until now. Boo. they are really messing it up at the end.
greg. said…
mom, i couldn't disagree with you more.

for one thing, the episode wasn't written with the end of the show in mind - only with the end of the season. they are doing what ALL shows do, and that is create dramatic tension at the end of the season so you want to stick around for the next season. unfortunately, unless something major changes, there will not be a next season.

i also disagree in terms of the characters. i mean, i agree that it doesn't seem to be where the characters have been heading at some times, but don't forget that after he lost all that money, logan went crazy with his friends, making some pretty questionable choices and marginalizing rory in the process (remember las vegas?). i don't think this was all completely out of nowhere. i think, in light of all the unknown of the future, she didn't want to be tied down with that commitment. she didn't want to break up, though. that was logan's pride. i don't think we can be surprised by that, can we?

i don't know, that's just my opinion.
Emoly said…
I think I saw a hint of regret in Lorelei's eyes. She has taught Rory how to behave in relationships, I think she feels like she might be the cause of this decision. Look at how much Rory asked for her opinion. Rory knew it was not what her mom wanted, so she turned him down. I think Lorelei is now realizing her lack of...whatever in relationships is now affecting her daughter's relationships. So the big question is: is that how is should end? Just the Gilmore Girls, no men in their lives? (it seems like something Amy Sherman-Palladino would have done. But I don't think it's what the viewers want)...
greg. said…
i think that's good insight, emily, but i don't think that's how its going to end, based on the previews for the finale.

i do think that rory's "no" answer makes sense in light of her main role model (lorelei) and her history of relationships...
Peter said…
I'm sorry about your loss, but I have to tell you that I thought this was absolutely hilarious--I would have never pegged you as a Gilmore Girls fan.

I tried watching it once, but I think that it's like many CW programs in that it rewards longtime, faithful viewers with plots that unfold over many, many episodes, and I think I caught an episode with a whole bunch of things happening that made no sense to me. Ah, so it goes--not like I have time to watch more TV anyway--I've only had time to catch one Twins game so far this season! I know, I know...where are my priorities?!?
greg. said…
i know, i know. i don't SEEM like a gilmore girls fan. even the name of the show seems to exclude me from fandom, but i got hooked. you are absolutely right about the nature of the show being a kind of long-term thing. the only kind of week-by-week hook it has is the very fascinating dialogue. other than that, it is the developing story that has really kept me tuned in.

and i'm still really bummed.
nysewanders said…

Wow, I never would have thought. My wife used to be a fan of that show, and I have swayed her other ways. In fact it may be my mission in life to sway people away from Gilmore Girls. Thats how strongly I dislike this show. I am in shock. Please tell me that you love Lost, Office, 24, or Idol or something, but Gilmore Girls? I seriously thought the post was gong to be a joke at the end, but uh, yeah your hardcore, GG For Life. Im glad Im not a bettin man, cause I would have put all my money on that one that you thought the show was stupid. After all these years you think you know a guy.
greg. said…
yeah, john mark. i know. i am full of surprises. you took me for the out-of-touch-with-my-emotions-too-indoctrinated-with-society's-lies-about-masculinity type of guy.

but i'm not.

i am, however, a big fan of both lost and the office.

and i will strive to remain unpredictable.

nysewanders said…
Hi! This is John Mark's wife, Bekah. Ok, I love you for loving Gilmore Girls and coming out with it. JM thinks its retarded and hates it that I watch the reruns in the afternoon when he gets home from work. Maybe you could teach him to appreciate some quality TV time.
cathyq said…
It's okay if you disagree with my viewpoint; but I think perhaps the disagreement is generational in nature. Yes, perhaps Lorelai is partially the role model for Rory, but so is Emily, and to tell you the truth, I think she is a stronger influence in many ways than Lorelai. I mean, many times Rory has had to be the mentor, parrent, and counselor for her Mom. She clearly understands her mom's immaturity when it comes to relationships. I have always felt that Rory was more mature than Lorelai. I guess that's why I thought that she at least would be able to make a committment to the man that she loves and stick to it. The only long-term committment that Lorelai has is to coffee and junk food. Emily, on the other hand, is the one to show Rory how to stay committed in a relationship. Of course, she has her other flaws I know, but she knows what she wants and she stays devoted and consistent no matter what. That is what I am talking about. Speaking as someone in the "over-the-hill" category, I feel that she is one that needs to be emulated, at least as far as relationships go, not Lorelai. Is is a generation X or Y or whatever idea that not making committments that last a lifetime make you more interesting, cutting edge, or valuable in socieity? Sometimes I think that is the message that I get from GG. Any viewpoints on that?
Anyway, I still stand by my original outrage. Rory has demonstated that she has some really strong feelings for Logan. Letting him walk away so that she can "explore" her options (which seem to be limited right now) and move back home with her mom seems out of character, weak, and more like her mom than her grandmother. I know this may be an unpopular viewpoint, but I would rather see her turn out to be an Emily than a Lorelai. Ok, don't shoot me; I'm a grandmother too.

Ok. that's all I have to say on that.
greg. said…
i don't think that emily is a STRONGER influence on rory than lorelei. perhaps she is a BETTER influence in some ways, but not a stronger one.

do i think that the writers of the gilmore girls are making some kind of generation x statement about commitment? not really. i think that, unfortunately, in order to keep people watching a nighttime drama, you have to keep creating a hook that brings people back. if you think about it, the main things that have charged this series and brought viewers to it time after time are the relationships. i think that lorelei AND RORY have had so many on again/off again relationships because it keeps an element of conflict in the story. we want resolution. but if the writers resolved it, we would stop watching. at least that's what they are afraid of. so they keep dangling luke/lorelei out there and they were going to dangle rory/logan out there during the summer, but i guess its going to have to be a permenant kind of dangling, now.

still, i have to say about the origninal question that rory didn't say anything about a lack of commitment to logan. she just didn't want to get married yet. that didn't mean she wanted him to walk away from their relationship. that was HIS stupidity and pride, which is NOT out of character for him. so, if there is anything surprising to me at all in terms of rory's character, its that she didn't try and stop him.

but it doesn't surprise me in terms of the writing of a show that has to hook viewers into waiting through the summer for a new season.

alas, none of this really matters now...
Emoly said…
I'm so sad. I'm going to eat popcorn and have a box of tissues sitting next to me. Bill wouldn't let me drive that far all by myself. We'll just have to have a reunion. I saw Red Vines in the store the other day and almost lost it! It may have been a little over the top, but hey, I'm a girl, sorry for bringing that to your attention Greg, on your blog...

I'm very sad.
carolineb said…
So sad. I'm going to miss those girls and that place. I'll miss the friends on my sofa Tuesdays at 8.

I think Rory couldn't marry Logan like that. He hijacked her entire graduation party with a proposal out of nowhere. He always answered big life challenges with big moves. He would always be trying to hijack her life with his grand schemes. I've never trusted him and don't think he was right yet for our Rory. He hasn't reacted in a mature way to life's curve balls enough times yet to start a family. But, I always liked the more authentic Jess for Rory.

Thanks for the space to vent, I'm friends with Bekah and JM.
Bill said…
While uncharacteristic, I agree with Emily. Lorelei taught Rory that independence was the only key to freedom and happiness. I do think the writers were in a bad position with the breakup thing. Hackneyed if they got together, abrupt and dubious if not. I guess they chose not. I want to go on record as saying I supported Logan from the beginning. I understand why Rory didn't want to get married, but I don't understand why he left. Men ar stupid. Wait, I'm a men. Oh well. It is too bad it's over. I'll miss it, too.

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