Friday, May 18, 2007

row row row your boat

having two children in your house under the age of 2.5 means that it is hard to focus on anything. and so, in the spirit of really short attention spans today's post is more stream-of-conciousness than anything else. sorry. its where i'm at.
i got my haircut yesterday. so did jack. we stopped at a toy store first and i got him a little matchbox construction vehicle (a dig-dig-digger, as he calls it) to give him if he was a good boy for his haircut. and he was! he sat there and watched the backyardigans on tv while the (rather stern) lady cut his hair. he looks so much older when he gets his haircut. it makes me wonder, do i look older too? or just fatter?

he loved his dig-dig-digger. it was the first word he said when he woke up this morning.

after lunch, i split all of the logs that i had. we had a tree fall down at christmastime, and i had used the chainsaw to cut it into logs at that time. so yesterday, noting that i looked a little fatter after aforementioned haircut, i decided that a little log spliting would be good for me. actually, in all honesty, i love splitting wood. i mean, yeah, its hard work. but i really enjoy it. i love the feeling of the axe slicing through the fiber of the wood.

after that i played a little hoops. i haven't had a basketball hoop in my backyard since the early 90's, so i am really enjoying the hoop in our backyard. i play nearly everyday, just to get some excercise. if you come to my house, i challenge you to a game of pig. or, as my sister Mary and i like to play, a game of milinovich (dot the i's). i will school you. you're in MY house now, baby.

i've been listening to this album much the last few days. it's better than i remember it being when it came out. sometimes i have to let my expectations go for awhile before i can really enjoy an album.

last night was wonderful. i've been a bit of a funk over this whole gilmore girls debaucle. let's just say that there was not a dry eye in the house on tuesday night at the milinovich homestead. it was a rough night. and i was hoping for something on the office to cheer me up. and, oh yes, it did.
jim (to pam): oh, i didn't mean to interrupt. are you free for dinner tonight?
pam: oh...yes.
jim: great. its a date.
finally, something to be happy about.
oh, and could you just tell jan that i want to squeeze them. she'll know what i'm talking about.

finally, this weekend is the new york subway series between the yankees and the mets. the yankees are playing far below potential, and the mets are hot. it looks to be a debaucle of a series. unless the yankees can find a pitcher who isn't falling apart and some hitters who can hit a fraction of their enormous salaries, they will wind up as one of the biggest embarassments of a team of all time.
let's go yankees.
let's hear it for jim and pam!
let's keep rolling down the stream of conciousness...



Julie said...

i love stream of consciousness! one of my favorite books in high school was james joyce's...forget what it was called but it was completely stream of consiousness and i followed it brilliantly. plus, i love seeing what a day in the life of greg is like every now and then. thanks for sharing. :)

i'm excited to see shrek the third tonight with mom - i'll let you know how it is.

i'm in school right now and my students are taking a test on logarithms ... muahahaha.

greg. said...

you are absolutely evil. you will pay in the afterlife for the utter torture you daily inflict on young minds.

enjoy shrek.

Rick Durrance said...

I can enjoy the summer now that the Office ended so well!! :) It was a high moment! The only two evening tv shows I watch came together in a strange was last night: The Office and 24! If only Jack Bauer could be assistant to the regional manager!
And go Mets!! :)

Crafty P said...

aAHHHHHHHH spoiler alert- you need to say that... we're busy trying to catch up on THREE WEEKS of missed Office's and Grey's! Last night we opted for Scrubs instead of Grey's and the Office. We were also watching 2 offices during commercials.

you know I'm all about lighthearted posts lately. today's is a bit more thoughtful though.

I hated getting my boys hair cut when they were little little. they do look SOOOO grown up.

Peter said...

Man. All I'm a gonna say is that it only gets worse (the stream of consciousness thing). I love it...even though I haven't really slept in six months. I started to write "I haven't leapt in six months," which is probably true also. But I have split wood, although it wasn't logs, but old kitchen cabinets. And I also built a wrought iron fence around my backyard, and my wife and I have almost finished building the koi pond. So there.

(I have no idea.)