Friday, May 25, 2007

my space

welcome to my space. its my office, where i spend a significant amount of time. realizing that many of you have never been to clinton, nj, i thought i would give you a little 4-picture tour of the space that serves as my study, conference room, prayer closet, communications center, and sometimes (but not often enough) playroom. welcome. have a seat.

if you come in the door to my office, my desk is immediately to your left. when i'm in my office, i'm normally at my desk. often on the computer. i've got some collages and a couple pictures of shannon on the wall behind me. i've got my coffee mug there on the desk (this is possibly the most important peice of 'office equipment' that i own). on the bulletin board above my desk is a 45 lp of the dave brubeck quartet's 'take five.' there are also pictures of aragorn, derek jeter, and ben roethlisberger. all of these serve as inspiration.

here is my desk from another angle. one of my two bookshelves is on the left. i love books.

here is the view i have when i am sitting at my desk facing forward. i have a little table and some chairs, and my other bookshelf. these two windows look out onto the picturesque river that flows by our church.

this is the part of my office that is to my left when i am sitting at my desk. besides the fact that the closet doors aren't hung yet, you will notice my awesome communion set, made by my friend emily deviits. you can see three collages that i've made there above the communion set. the wooden cross and flame behind the communion set was made by friends of ours from toms river as a gift when we left.
so welcome to my space. i often see the world from this vantage point, so it is important space for me. it is at its best when there is more than just me in it: when joel (the youth director and my friend) is sitting there talking with me, or when shannon, jack and cade stop by for a visit, or when a church member comes in to say hello. like most of our spaces, it is better when it fosters community and conversation.
much like a blog...


Mary said...

I LOVE your office. and may i add it is a very grown up office compared to the pez-infested previous office...though that always rocked the house as well.

Peter said...

I'd like to second Mary's comments--that is a great, great office. Wow.

So tell me about your communion set. It looks to me like you actually have two. We (Lutherans) typically just have a chalice, sometimes a paten, but I think I've seen just as often when those aren't used--especially, as is the case at the church ( where I am assigned for contextual education, when the bread is a huge ethnic type. (we have a large African population.)

Crafty P said...

fun stuff.
I loved taking a sneak peak into your office!
Here are a few details I liked or noticed:
--the coke can on your desk
--the baseball on your desk- what is the significance of that?
--I liked the use of crates as shelves- the ones with the lamp and wedding picture on top, cool
--i noticed you do not have any bobbleheads or pez dispensers and I find that your office is lacking in that regard.
--i love your bookshelves- the doors are very cool

that is all i have to say.

greg. said...

thank you all. i, too, love my office. unfortunately, i needed a 'pez vacation,' having stared at those little nearly-decapitated demons for the last 8 years.

pete - my set really is TWO sets of chalice/paten. i also have a pitcher that can be used to pour the wine/juice (dang methodists). we use the paten just as a plate for the bread, and it just sits on the table. when we celebrate the sacrament (which we almost always do by intinction at this church), the bread is held by the server in a cloth. the chalice is held by another server.

i love this set, and enjoy displaying it.

christina: the baseball is actually a clock. it's a yankees baseball.

glad you liked the crates. that is my touch, as i love the patina of old wooden crates. and i DO have a few toys amongst the books in my shelves (a gandalf figurine, lowly worm, a little orange volkswagen bug, and a little statue that my cousin made for me when she was little). so, i haven't lost that playful touch...