Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mother's day

ahh, yes, the sunday in may when we stop for at least a moment to remember where we all came from: a mother.

i, for one, know that it was some pretty serious labor to not only bring me into this world, but to bring me up in it, too.

and so today i think of my mom, who is now a ridiculously proud grandma, and how she has, and continues to, put up with me, love me, nurture me, challenge me, and always love me
. here is what looks like an ancient picture, dug up from some archaelogical site. actually it is from circa 1992. back in those days i was thin. now i am robust and healthy. that is what i tell myself...

anyway, i like this picture because i am being inducted into the national honor society, but also because we are posed in front of books, and one thing mom certainly instilled in me was a love of books. so, even though she will probably want to kill me for this picture, she will have to be happy to know that i am thankful for the love of books she always modeled. it has paid dividends in recent years as we have been able to have thoughtful and interesting discussions on some of the things we've read.

happy mother's day, mom.

the other mom i celebrate today is my wife. she is an awesome mom, and i really am amazed at the amount of energy she has to give our boys. she is patient and gentle and constantly sacrificing herself for them. she is a role model to me as a parent, and i wish i could be as good a father as she is a mother.

and so, as she naps, i say: happy mother's day, shannon.
may i always live the lessons i have learned from the mothers in my life...

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cathyq said...

Being a mother has been the greatest joy and most fulfilling task that I have ever endeavored. Being your mom was NOT difficult. It was fun and rewarding. Thanks for the kind words Greg. Moms don't want words of thanks, don't need them, never seek them, but love them when they come. Jack and Caedmon are the bonus "My cup runneth over"

By the way, I am almost done with the new J.R.R. Tolkein book. So far so good. I'll let you know the final review!