Friday, May 18, 2007


i don't know if you saw this picture online, but it is an awesome shot of lightning hitting the empire state building yesterday during the storms that passed through the greater new york area. i don't know if it was photoshopped or not, but it looks really cool. apparently, lightning strikes the lightning rod at the top of the esb around 100 times a year.

i wonder what is my lightning rod? what is my highest point, the point of contact, where heaven reaches down and touches me? am i reaching? am i expecting the flash of light, the touch of the divine, the movement of the spirit? am i ready when the magnificent touches the mundane in a moment of intense and terrible beauty and power?

i want to be.



Mary said...

dear blogger. i miss you! Please post soon.

julid said...

Hi Greg,
i haven't been in your blog for awhile and am sorry i missed the GG post. rachel and i were sobbing the whole way thru the last episode. logan is a carbon copy of my first boyfriend all thru college so i can tell you he's totally true to form based on his background. all we can do now is go get some malomars and twizzlers and chinese food and cheese puffs and a gallon of coffee and call it a day.

greg. said...

mary - i'm back. thanks for missing me. i just realized that there is a FOURTH human being in our house, and this is greatly inconvenient to my blogging schedule. that little....

juli d. - just sadness. i still can't believe its over. in the Fall i will turn on the tv on tuesdays looking for my second family, but i guess i will not find them, because they won't be there. what will i do at 8 o'clock every tuesday night, now?