Thursday, April 19, 2007

scrabble style

we have these magnetic letters on our refrigerator that are there to help jack learn the alphabet and the sounds letters make. it is actually a really cool toy made by leapfrog. one of the things i love about this toy is that i get as much playtime out of it as jack does.

in case you didn't know, i love playing with letters.

anyway, yesterday shannon and i decided that we should close our eyes and randomly choose some letters from the front of the fridge, scrabble style, and find a way to configure those letters into the name for our soon-to-be-born son. i chose 7 letters for the first name. she chose 6 for the middle. i got a Q-X-L-P-U-H-A and she got a M-K-B-E-N-Y.

i don't know what you would have come up with, but we have decided that our son-to-be will be known by the (i think rather sophisticated) name Qulphax Nembky Milinovich. it is pronounced QUALL-fax NEMB-key.

what do you think?

on an unrelated note, i sometimes wonder if my son is really my son. for example, this morning i took him on a walk in our charming little downtown. along the river, which flooded during the nor'easter we just had, they were doing some kind of work with a big construction vehicle, a back-hoe or dump truck or crane or one of those things that you have to wear a hard hat around.

anyway, jack was completely enamored by this truck which was picking up dirt and dumping into a second, really gross, truck. we sat on a bench for, no joke, 30 minutes while he unflinchingly watched this work, clapping each time the big yellow machine dumped its dirt into the waiting truck. it would have been, perhaps, the most boring moment in all my 31 years were it not for the fact that i was really enjoying watching him enjoy it.

there's no real point to that story. just that i sometimes wonder if we are related...



Laurie said...

The summer my oldest son became enamoured with construction vehicles, I would actually drive out of my way to go through road construction! Being a parent does weird things to one's priorities.:)

Emoly said...

I am loving Qulphax Nembky Milinovich. I doubt any teacher will ever mispronounce it in school, although he'll definitely get 1200 on his SAT's for spelling his name correctly! (because even if he spelled it wrong, who would know?)

Mary said...

I actually really dig that name too. very LOTR.

and just think of all the scaffolding that was happening in Jack's little brain while watching that construction. there is nothing like the combination of fresh air and some eye witness learning.

did you zoom in on the snap fish pics of when shannon was surprised? there is one really priceless one. the dip is in limbo, you could fit a tennis ball in her mouth, and she is looking right at me :)

RedBank Billy said...

Yo, I like the name, sounds like something I would have mumbled at one time or another!!! Has a ring to it?
and I knew I loved that kid, construction vehicles are awesome! All that power and noise, cool.....
but you are right, he must not be your kid!!!

greg. said...

so my mom tells me that i also liked tractors and trucks when i was a child. so, i guess it is a phase that i went through, before i turned into a complete sissy. or, as i prefer to say, metrosexual.

mary - i couldn't figure out how to zoom in snapfish! but i did look at all your pictures and really enjoyed them. thanks!

Kara said...

haha i like that name very much so,

i saw the pictures above of him, he is very very veryyy cute!

congrats :) i know your an amazing father.

see you sunday :)