Wednesday, April 04, 2007


look at his face. you can see it in his eyes. you know, that faraway kind of look that says, "i've got the giggles and the munchies and i feel pretty out of it." that's right. the boy has discovered pot.

i just walked into the room, and there he was, unashamedly using it right there in front of me. in a panic and a fury i angrily asked, "where did you learn about this?" with a kind of innocence i didn't expect he replied, "i learned it from watching you!"

this is your toddler. this is your toddler with pot. any questions?


cathyq said...

I am glad to see that you are teaching your child the important lessons early in life; it is never too soon to start. Now you have to start thinking about "the talk" before he discovers the joy of sex (did I say sex? I meant "sets" of pots and pans).

too cute; he is my sweetie

Mary said...

ah man. mom said the s-word.

oh snap.

greg. said...

mom, seriously. could you avoid using that word? some of us are trying to act like adults here, and you have to keep bringing it back to a juvenile level. is it because you spend all day with a bunch of hormonal teenagers, trying to teach them literature?

mary, get over it. sex. sex. sex.

oh snap.


mego said...

what a cute little pot head