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the planets aligned

so, the planets must have been perfectly aligned yesterday. i mean, everything that i wanted to happen yesterday happened, and it ranks right up there in my top 10 sports days of all time. seriously. last night the gators showed their (multi-sport) dominance with ncaa tourney repeat, keeping the game out of reach despite the huge freshmen oden who kept trying to wrestle it away from the gators.

and, of course, the yankees won their home opener, despite some subpar pitching and three errors. jeter came through with a clutch hit, and giambi came up big as well. i took the afternoon off and watched the game, and it was absolutely wonderful.
now, those are the big two events for me. but everday during baseball season i hope for three things to happen. first, i want the yankees to win. check.

second, i want the pirates to win. lest you think i have abandoned my first baseball love, you are wrong. it is hard to follow a terrible team from a distance. i only get to see a handful of their games each year, and it gets monotonous reading each day about the variety of ways they find to lose. but, i try to stick with them, and i always root for them. so, my second hope each day is that pirates win. and they won their opener yesterday against the astros in dramatic, extra-inning fashion. check.

finally, i always hope the red sox lose. as you may know, i have developed quite the distaste for that organization, and would only be really content if they finished the year 0-162. so, i always hope the socks lose. and yesterday they lost to the royals. check.
so the planets must have been aligned for me yesterday. it was a good start to the baseball season, a good finish to the ncaa tournament, and a fun day to continue to live out my child-like love of sports and competition.
always a kid,


Kerri said…
hey Greg - i'm glad to hear my husband isn't the only sad Pirates fan out there. he told me yesterday that if they have a losing season either one or two more years, they'll be the most losingest team in professional sports. i think 16 yrs in a row or so is the record to beat.
he also won his ncaa bracket (the TV had ncaa on the other night and pirates on his mlb radio subscription)
if you guys are ever in State College, the Spikes are a Pirates team now - we'll be going to many, many games this summer!
pete said…
Sigh...I think you're a great person, and a great friend, but it's very sad that you get such joy out of a team losing.

It's sad that I get that kind of joy out of a team losing, though, so I ought not to point any fingers.

I have a hard time believing the Pirates could be the losingest team in professional sports--doesn't that proud position belong to the Milwaukee Brewers? (Proof that an amazing ballpark doesn't mean jack squat when it comes to winning games...)
greg. said…

that would be awesome. i love minor league baseball games. isn't the altoona team also a pirates team?

the pirates won again!


you, too, are a great person and a great friend, but you are, after all, a fallen man. as am i. and if my worse sin is that i beg the baseball gods that the red sox lose every game for the rest of their pathetic existence, then i'll live with that.

how about you? who do you want to lose? probably the yankees. oh well. if that's the case that makes you and millions of others.

based on the weather here in the nyc area, i don't think there will be a game today for you to root against them.
Erin said…
I too, was glad to see the Gators win because that meant I came in second at my bracket at work and actually won some money. shhh... don't let the word get out; some consider that gambling.
Also, i think i may actually follow the pirates this year, as they have some young blood. I haven't followed the Pirates since the days of the Killer B's. But, then, i really don't like the game of baseball that much in general. Too slow. Yawn. I'm sure you find that terribly offensive! :)
pete said…
Well, of COURSE it's the Yankees.

But my distaste for them is not quite as strong as yours for the BoSox, I think. And I'm not the BIGGEST BoSox fan, either. I actually rooted for the Cleveland Indians for quite a while, which embarrassed my Minnesota-born-and-bred wife to no end.

Overall, I admit I prefer minor league ball to the majors--it seems like they're often playing more because they just love the game, not because they're the best at it--which makes them seem more human, I suppose.

It just kills me that we're getting an outdoor ballpark here--not even a retractable roof--we got an inch of snow last night, and it's 31 degrees outside.
greg. said…
yeah, i love minor league games. they just feel more raw and intimate. sometimes i feel like minor league games are to major league games what asthmatic kitty is to warner brothers. or nick drake is to n'sync.

i can't believe you are a part of red sox nation. and to think i actually respected you...

okay, after typing that i thought i better make sure that you know i'm joking. i can still respect you. but i can also pray for your soul.
pete said…
Puh-leeze. Don't go all "if you're not for us you're against us" on me. I'm not a member of Red Sox Nation just because I like them better than the Yankees. I like the Cincinnati Reds better than I like the Red Sox, if that helps. Hell, I like the Milwaukee Brewers more than the BoSox.

I like Boston as a city a whole lot, but the baseball team isn't the big draw for me. If anything, it's the superior public broadcasting of WGBH, which creates both Arthur for my kids and This Old House for me.
greg. said…
my fault, pete. i thought you were saying you were a big red sox fan. glad to hear you are not. i don't believe its the yankees vs. the world. i believe its the yankees vs. the red sox. the rest is for fun.

sorry for the misunderstanding.

and as we've discussed earlier, i am a bit jaded and i see the city of boston through these very dark lenses. boston? did you say boston? nothing good comes from boston...
pete said…
No worries, man.

Sounds like you had a great Easter. I was sick at home, and missed all the festivities.

So it goes...all the same, He is Risen Indeed!

Blessings to you today,
greg. said…
feel better, dude.

yanks vs. twins tonight.

sidney (fatty) ponson vs. carl (the always hurt) pavano. should be fun.


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