Sunday, April 01, 2007

finally, a name

so i guess you can see pretty much what is up at our house. mostly the idea that soon we will have a completely helpless human living in our house for whom we are responsible is occupying our every moment. we are having to remember words 'diaper genie' and 'butt paste.' so, while sometimes these thoughts are daunting, to say the least, there are other times when there is a clear anticipation in the air. ready or not, we are ready.

its been a good weekend. friday night we were able to go see a couple of the youth from our youth group in an excellent production of Peter Pan. saturday i was in the poconos for our jr. high faith and sexuality retreat, and that went really well. this morning we had a wonderful palm sunday service, dealing with the rightful place of stones. and tomorrow i enter the promised land of baseball season after the wilderness that is a world without baseball or football. but more on that tomorrow.
things i may have forgotten to mention:
jackson projectile vomited on me and my dress clothes on tuesday afternoon.
my friend Christina gave birth to twins last week.
i love the david crowder band.
our dog max tried to lick up vomit off the floor on tuesday afternoon.
my son is currently walking around with a viewmaster over his eyes saying "cheeeeese" repeatedly, apparently completely missing the point of a viewmaster and instead thinking that is a kind of camera.
we have decided to name the baby (drum roll please)...
...harrison jeter milinovich.


greg. said...

april fools.

(did i get ya?)

mary said...

YES! my heart stopped!!! and now its beating rapidly!

though i got to say it doesn't sound like a bad name at all! :)

mego said...

Ok, I'm with Mary - my heart stopped for a sec - Jeter?!!! I actually checked the date to see when it was posted before I read the comments, hoping it was on April Fools....
but I thought Harrison was one of the top names, so is just the middle name a joke?

RedBank Billy said...

you got me, hook,line and sinker!

Karen G. said...

well, i would have loved the kid even if his middle name was Jeter! i'm glad it's not.

greg. said...

well, wasn't this fun?

imagine me using my best gollum/smeagol voice:

"we are tricksy, aren't we, my precious?"

no, the child will not be named after the greatest baseball player of the modern age. but he should be.


Emoly said...

I get to see David Crowder band on May, 18th. Is that the day the baby is due? 'Cause that would be cool!