Friday, April 13, 2007

everything's for sale

"everything's for sale"
paper collage on cardboard panel
gregory a. milinovich

so we are having some pretty good discussion on my post from wednesday about the rolling stone article on ron luce and battlecry. for those of you too lazy to read the article, it is essentially a story written by an agnostic about this organization that does ministry to young people across the country. the ministry, called battlecry, is one that relies on the emotion of young people to stir them up into an anger at the culture. it relies heavily on war imagery. wonderful things are, i'm sure, being done through this ministry. but some questionable things are also being done, and i think the article is well-written and balanced enough to bring some of that to light. i really encourage you to read it and join the conversation.

that being said, i needed something a little lighter today, so here is a collage i made a couple of months ago about consumerism. many of my collages deal with that theme, as i struggle to understand what it means to follow Christ in a culture where the consumer is the center of everything. sorry, i'm starting to venture into the deep again. keeping it light...keeping it light...

fyi: in our house every single moment is ripe with possibility as we live in the reality that our son could arrive at any time. the due date isn't yet until the 25th, but we are getting closer, and it could be anytime.


Emoly said...

Keeping it light, and pointing out the obvious: I noticed it's orange. Go figure! :)

greg. said...

wow. you are extremely color-observant. didn't know you were so gifted!