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well, it was easter here yesterday, and that means that it was time for greg to make his annual butter lamb. i had a little trouble this year, and so it looks like the lamb is in need of a bit of plastic surgery so the front of his head can once again resemble a face. but other than that, it was a success. and he sure is good spread on a croissant. baaa.

on saturday we tried to have an easter egg hunt with jack and calla and ty (our neice and nephew - shannon's sister shaylene and her husband steven [a.k.a. butter] were visiting over the weekend), but after the hunt we had to rush all the children to the emergency room with severe frostbite. ok, i'm exaggerating a bit. but it was darn cold! it was a speedy easter egg hunt, that's for sure.

jack sported his new 'bug boots.' and this is a picture of him in mid-sentence, saying, "OH my gosh, i am so cute. i mean look at my pants, you can only see like 3 inches of them. i look like i'm going to hunt for dinosaurs around jurassic park or something. i can't stand my own cuteness. i would like to discuss it further but i have some easter eggs calling my name. peace out."

here are all the cousins in their easter clothes. ty is wearing a suit that jack wore last year.

this one isn't our kids. its from a j.crew ad. i just thought it was cute. and it looked remarkably like jack and calla. hmmmm...

here is our little family. getting a picture with jack smiling was a major accomplishment.
we had a wonderful easter, albeit a bit cold. we ate well. worshipped well. played well, and enjoyed family. it was a nice weekend. one of the highlights for me was the easter eve jazz vigil we had at our church on saturday night. rio clemente and his band came and did a new orleans style funeral, starting in darkness (from the tenebrae service previously) and ending in light and joy and anticipation. we used umbrellas at the end as symbols of both the showering of our own tears, and the showering of blessings upon us. it was a really neat worship experience, and it really enhanced my easter.


Emoly said…
Happy Belated Easter! Not that you didn't already hear that from my messages...

Anyhoo, I'm glad I got to see the Easter butter lamb! I wondered if it would make an appearance! Yeah!

By the way, this word verification is more like an inappropriate abbreviation. Fun!
Crafty P said…
Happy Easter to you!

I did a quick check and did discover that I saw OTR on August 20, 2004 and they performed Orphan Girl at the Club Cafe in the South Side.
I just knew your life would not be complete without such pertinent information.

you're welcome.

Talk to you soon...

ps. love the butter lamb.
Mary said…
i think it is more of an accomplishment that you had both eyes open for the family picture :)
greg. said…
emily: hi. happy easter to you! glad you were anticipating the lamb.

christina: thanks for the research. now i can finally get a good night of sleep.

mary: that's just wrong. and it hurts. deep.
cathyq said…
you all look very Springy and Eastery despite the coldness! I actually like the whole bug boot theme for hunting eggs! So cute. I was happy to see the butter lamb; he is always such a hit. Love the "orangish" shirts too!
greg. said…
man, i'm glad everyone loves my butter lamb. actually, the big secret is that he is a margarine lamb. does that make a difference to anyone? i mean, does knowing that take away from the wonderful magic and mystery of the lamb? sorry if it does.

yes, mom, it was an orangish easter. melon? peach? it's hard to pin down, exactly, but it felt eastery, even if the weather didn't.
Emoly said…
Easter Margarine Lamb just doesn't have as nice a ring to it as Easter butter lamb. At first I was going to be totally offended that it's not truely a butter lamb. But then decided it doesn't matter, 'cause it's still an Easter lamb, whether it's butter or margarine, you can still spread it on a croissant!

How about a new medium? Ever think of trying an egg salad lamb? (just sticking with the Easter theme)
greg. said…

that sounds fascinating. i could also make one out of jelly beans! the possiblilities are nearly limitless! i can't wait for next year...
Emoly said…
Yeah! The jelly beans will melt together in some sort of stained glass window effect. I'm looking forward to next year's Easter lamb too! It might be more fun to eat too!

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