Monday, April 30, 2007

center of the universe

having a baby makes it seems like that baby is indeed the axis of the universe; that everything revolves around this tiny helpless little human. who knows, maybe in some ways it does.

and yet, the rest of life marches on, too. for those of you not looking for a baby fix, i thought i would include these collages for your perusal and possible enjoyment. i've had several guests to the blog over the last few days, and i want to welcome all of you and let you know that i hope you will not only stop by again from time to time, but also that you will be a part of the conversation by leaving a comment. my whole intention in creating this web log was to have dialogue about faith and culture and art and football and music and good food and baseball and hope. so, please visit again, but, more than that, please leave your mark. now, more than ever, we need to hear one another.

"as a flower"
paper collage with beeswax on a paper backing
gregory a. milinovich
i made this one in class last tuesday, just basically experimenting with the beeswax as a surface over the collage that gives texture and semi-transparency. it turned out ok.
paper collage on cardboard panel
gregory a. milinovich
this is one i made at home last tuesday when i got home from class. i just needed a break from the completely abstract, and i needed to make a collage that felt more like home to me.

"counting on you"
paper collage with beeswax and ribbon on paper backing
gregory a. milinovich

this is one i made in class last week. i'm actually pretty proud of this one as it is pretty different for me in terms of more of a focus on form and being intentionally abstract, while at the same time, i think, remaining true to myself in terms of what i like to create and express. it is actually much larger that this on the left and right sides, but this is as much as my scanner will scan.

so there's my collages for the week. i actually made even more! i made a series of three that are very different from anything i've made before. i'll share those with you soon.



ps. the best news about today, besides the fact that i have two healthy sons living in my home, is that the yankees can't lose - they have the day off!


Crafty P said...

wondering exactly when these little ones lose that "center of the universe" feeling. I seem to have four little "we are the center of the universe" beings in my household right now.

cool collages.

thought of you at anthropologie yesterday and took some pics on my phone of some of the stuff they had hanging around. can you receive camera pictures on your cell? I'll send them to you- very cool inspiration...

greg. said...

i heard you saw my sister, too! pretty cool. yeah, i can receive pix on my phone. always up for a little inspiration (literally: the spirit in)


Emoly said...

Even when you go "abstract" you still have a distinct style, Greg. That goes back to our art discussion. I think that means you have great talent because no matter what you do, you still include a part of you, making any art your own.

I'll stop there before it goes too deep. I have to remember that you're doing these on very little sleep :) Which I'm amazed at your pieces based on the fact that you've had very little sleep! Impressive! :)