Thursday, March 15, 2007

our little drunk ghost

so, i have a meeting all day today, but, before i hit the road, i thought i'd post a few recent pictures of our awesome little man. i realized i haven't put up any pics of him recently.
he is doing really well. he is talking so much - seems to learn a new word every day. here are a few bits of ridiculous cuteness that he brings to our lives:
-he often greets us in the morning when he wakes up or at other random times by zealously, "hey, buddy!"
-to say goodbye he sometimes says, "goodbye, see ya later, peace out."
-he likes to walk around the house with shoes on his hands (as pictured above).
-even more than he likes to walk around with shoes on his hands, he likes to walk around the house with a blanket over his head so that he can't really see where he is going. this is the best. he looks like a little drunk ghost who runs to all the walls. it is hilarious. he pretty much does it after every meal.
-he loves praying before meals and at bedtime and always ends with a loud "yay-men!"
-he loves taking showers.
so, there's a little bit about our son for today. i will try to post again tomorrow. have a good ides of march.
ps. yesterday was pi day (3.14) and we celebrated here by eating a wild rasberry/peach pie that shannon made. so so good. i love pi day.


Emoly said...

That is awesome. At two years old, Jack is embracing the most important of Jesus' teaching, by telling everyone "peace out". That age is pure innocence and so totally cute.

The other night we had dinner with family friends. Their two year old decided that he wanted to sit on my lap (simply because I was closest to the cheese and cracker plate) and lucky me, he leaked. I love kids. (seriously, it's so cute when you get to give them back, and you can go home and wash your jeans) :)

Mary said...

i had chicken pot pi and apple pi. sooo good. i like to wear my blanket around my neck.

switchfoot was unbelievable.

peace out buddy

greg. said...

mary, please say more about switchfoot. give us a little concert review. i mean, did the vein on his neck pop out? did they do anything old school? give us something here...

Mary said...

i think i was more impressed with how sweaty his hair got around his face. my top three favorite concerts ever. switchfoot sounds better live than on the cd...and they are awesome on cd. great great energy. at one point they did Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" which was a hoot...and quite honestly, better than beyonce :) we did observe the vein which was impressive :) After seeing them in concert, i love this latest cd so much more as well. though they did play a decent amount from the Nothing is Sound cd. they also did Meant to Live and something else from an older cd (no legend of chin though) At one point they were asking for requests and someone asked for The Pirates Who Don't do Anything which i thought was embarrassing because thats not their song...thats relient k baby. i wanted Evergreen :) on this day of green. i heart switchfoot. (Copeland was really good too by the way!)