Thursday, March 22, 2007

miniature minor makes major mess

CLINTON, NJ - reports are in of a toddler who discovered a cannister of spackling on the shelf in his home. at this point, details are still unknown, but it appears that the youngster managed to acquire the spackling, open the cannister, and begin spreading all over the floor, himself, etc. realizing that he had made a mess, the troublesome toddler apparantly decided to try and pull a chair to the kitchen sink (covering the chair in spackling) and wash his own hands. it was there at the sink that authorities finally caught him.

"i just wanted to wash my hands of the whole thing," the diminutive dabbler quipped. authorities are not releasing the name of the spackling-spreading son, but have described him as unbearably cute and, while a pain in the butt at times, simply adorable.

in a related story, this image has been sent to the associated press of the mischievous mess-maker. apparantly, the suspect has been photographed watching a recorded image of himself standing in a bucket. authorities are requesting that if you spot this amateur home-repair contracter, please give him a hug and a kiss and see if you can get the spackling out from under his cuticles.


Crafty P said...

too funny.

man, they can be quick sometimes, can't they?

cathyQ said...

Just because a certain individual is trying to demonstrate his artistic genius with some pink spackling does not mean that said person is a criminal! Also, trying to clean up the so-called "mess" reminds me of another certain small one of the male gender who experimented with idodine and then later with a baby powder cloud that would rival any atomic mushroom cloud ever in existence. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

What a cutie!

juli(ursisterinChrist) said...

rachel showed me your blog last night. wow. you either get NO sleep or you watch NO tv except the villianous Gators and probably antiques roadshow. I just saw an entry that said your dad just turned 50. you're kidding, right? Now i'll just go hang myself. wish i had time today to checkout more on your blog, but i'll take time over the weekend.

it's getting closer to another gator(puke) buckeye(God's alma mater) matchup i'm going to need you to shoot me with a tranquilizer gun if that happens. call Sandy and tell her to fasten her seat belt.

by the way, love the poem, but too late you are very cool (even by the official standards of the early and mid 70's)

Love in Christ - Juli

PS - thanks for helping Rachel with her paper - the subject makes me cry and want to MAKE God fix it already

greg. said...

i do sleep and i do watch tv (gilmore girls, lost, the office, scrubs, and yankees/steelers/gators games). i have always found that you make time for what you want to make time for...

it would be cool to have another bigtime matchup between the gators and the buckeyes. and even cooler to watch the gators chomp them up again.

RedBank Billy said...

Hey, send him down here to TR I could use some help in the kitchen!

greg. said...


good to hear from you! have you been flying overhead at all? i keep hearing planes as the weather warms up, and i keep thinking you are flying one of them. when are you going to 'drop in' for a visit?


redbank Billy said...

soon, I haven't been flying too much because of the weather. I will soon
loose my "leash" and be heading up.