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i don't want to be cool

i don't want to be cool,
i want to be in relationship.
i don't want to be a billboard,
i want to be in a conversation.
i don't want to be attractive,
i want to be authentic.
i don't want to write a best-seller,
i want some best friends.
i don't want to be about my ego,
i want to be about my family.
i don't want to be about heaven (or hell),
i want to be about the journey.
i don't want to be righteous,
i want to be relevant.
i don't want to be right,
i want to be ok with questions.
i don't want justice,
i want forgiveness.
i don't want to want to be cool,
i want to want the things that i've said here that
i want.


Emoly said…

Wow. I identify with what you have written. This poem speaks to me. Often times I simply read your posts and move on. What could I possibly say to something as beautiful and poetic as your words? I don't want to be cool by always commenting, but I want to share my thoughts with you ("be in a conversation"). Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said…
Hey its Rachel(from church) I love your blog its really cool. i love this poem... you can really write. Oh by the way thanks for helpnig me with my essay. Hoepfully i'll get a good grade. See you sunday.
greg milinovich said…
hi rachel (from church). glad you stopped by my blog. hope you come back often. mostly, it is just my ramblings and stuff, but i really enjoy doing it, and i love when people comment so i know they are there and reading my ramblings!

by the way, you can really write, also. i thought your paper on child labor was really well thought-out and a great start. hope i helped! let me know if you need more help with it along the way - as i said, i love writing/revising/editing. it brings me great joy.

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