Wednesday, March 07, 2007

happy birthday, GP.EG

i received these in the mail today from my sister julie and her husband seth. i thought it was nice of them to send me something in honor of my birthday (last week). however, while i am clear on the whole idea that its the thought that counts, i'm not sure what to do with such a gift. i mean, if my name were GP.EG i think i would really appreciate these and put them on my birthday cake (next year). i know, i know, its the thought that counts. i get that. i really do. so, thank you julie and seth. very thoughtful. i also appreciated that i owe the united states postal service 13 cents in order to pay for the delivery of these capital beauties (complete with lead-free wicks).

so, if any of my readers are named GP.EG, please let me know and i will send these over to you.


ps. i am just joking here and thought the candles were quite funny, even if a bit dismembered. too bad i can't make a "J" out of the first "G" and then i could have a sweet birthday party for any of my digital pictures, JPEG.

pps (or is it pss, or is it ps[2]?). i did have a birthday last week. i turned 31. it came. it went. now i am in my thirty second year. each day is a new adventure and i love life as it comes to me each and every day. birthdays don't seem to mean all that much any more.


Mary said...

it would be pps...ppps...pppps. post post post post script. not post script script script script script. and don't you know? Birthday's mean EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

ppppppppppps:i'm mad at the company i ordered something for your very important i bought you something last night. im pretty sure you are going to love it. oh yah!

julie said...

phew... i am glad you finally got the late, dismembered, and costly candles! i have had these for 2 years and kept forgetting to send them. honestly - they were spelled correctly when i sent them.

hope you enjoyed my crafty card as well. i actually bought you one, thought it was corny, and decided to make you one instead. happy belated.

greg. said...

thank you. i actually really enjoyed both the potato chip bag card and the candles. i just thought this post would be good for a few reasons:
1. it was shallow
2. it was funny
3. it wasn't deep.

so, thank you for the fodder. fun times.

Crafty P said...

gosh, why can't you talk about something deeper for once. I feel like all your posts are so shallow lately.
geesh. geesh. geesh.

someone who knows nothing about shallow blog posts

ps. poor julie- what a cute idea that the postal system screwed up.

Emoly said...


It took me a few minutes to figure that one out. Seriously, I was sitting there, trying to "get it". Whew! Is that what happens when you go on a mission trip, or is that what happens when you get old?

I laughed for a long time when I finally did figure it out. Talk about shallow....

Bill said...

How about "Good Preacher.Excellent Guy?"

greg. said...

awwww...bill, that was so sweet. flattery will absolutely get you everywhere on this blog, except that there's really nowhere to go. but if there were, you'd be going places!


Emoly said...

He has too much time on his hands...