Thursday, March 29, 2007

haircuts and the invention of sports

hello friends. took a little weblog day off yesterday, just to deal with the craziness of life. as we approach holy week, my schedule gets fuller and fuller. but today was my day off, and i made sure it was just that, a day (well, i didn't make it a day, God did) and off. after jack and i shared a breakfast of cinnamon toast crunch and bacon (breakfast of champions) we headed down to flemington to the big league barbers so we could both get our haircut. this is him when we returned home.

actually, before we returned home we stopped by the dollar store and bought what most people would consider a lifetime supply of bubbles which, for us, will really turn into a supply that will last us most of 5 days or so, depending on the weather. let's just say that there's a great deal of soap on our driveway. which, by the way, makes playing basketball quite difficult. its more like basketball on ice. which is a fun thought. not to be too tangental here, but can you imagine shaq on ice? lebron going up for a strong dunk and a triple axel? perhaps wearing sequins and skin-tone tights? flippin' sweet. that's pretty much the coolest sport ever.
anyway, we got back and took some pictures and had a great day off.
random notes:
i am currently listening to bruce springsteen's we shall overcome: the seeger sessions
i am currently reading rob bell's sexgod
i have recently viewed such amazing films as: diego and the great dinosaur rescue; richard scarry's best abc video ever; winnie the pooh wonderful word adventure; et al.
i am overwhelmingly excited about monday and the arrival of baseball season.

gotta go now and imagine brian boitano and scott hamilton taking on kobe and mj in a little 2 on 2 pickup game of iceketball. peace.


Julie said...

your new sport reminds me a lot of the new movie coming out tomorrow -blades of glory - of which i am very excited to go see. in fact, i mentioned it in your "thank you" blog just today. i would love to see will farrell star in a movie about ice-skating and basketball... he'll call it biceketball. :) i could watch him read a book and i'd probably laugh my head off.

ps since i'm in movie mode, i finally saw the prestige and it was very good - a little confusing but good. you should see it.

Mary said...

how about you are the cutest father and son EVER! great shirt by the way :)

i hate iceskating.
But I do love to play "Milinovich, dot the i" on the 'ol b-ball court.

greg. said...

yeah, except blades of glory is not about a fusion of two sports. it is a mockery of figure skating, which, as far as i'm concerned, is prime picking for mockery farmers. i enjoy will farrell's choices of 'sports' to mock: figure skating and nascar. you go, boy.

glad you liked the prestige, but you really should try some headier films, like jo-jo's circus and the lesson of courage.


greg. said...

and yes, mary, we are the cutest father/son combo ever. we were dressed alike for the barber shop. i mean, how lame is that? but i will be lame with him anytime!

about halfway through the book you gave me with the father's notes to his sons. really cool...


mego said...

Matt is reading Sex God as well.

I can't decide if Blades of Glory will be hilarious or stupid - probably a good combination of both!

greg. said...

i just finished it, and it was really good. (the book, not the movie).

greg. said...