Sunday, March 11, 2007

the distance

"the distance"
paper collage and acrylic on cardboard panel
gregory a. milinovich
here is a collage i made yesterday. i am learning some new techniques with acrylic paint as well some other things. so, this was my first real adventure into using paint and paper in a collage. i had fun with it.
just thought i'd post that this morning. i have to go preach now...


Mary said...

i love it. i was actually checking out a little art show in the mall that i work at and there were some collages that were submitted. Two of which i didn't like because they were just magazine clippings of famous people...but one i really liked which used papers along with acrylic paint like you mentioned. i love the mixed mediums look.

Emoly said...

Hey Greg, sometime between Friday and this post on Sunday you broke 1,000. Congrats. Although now that I know your secret maybe 1,000 just isn't that impressive....

(just kidding it is, especially if it's all you!)

greg. said...

mary: glad you like it. i have another one i will post later, and i've been working on a few more. i am really enjoying learning some new techniques and being able to do some new things. I LOVE COLLAGING!


greg. said...

thank you, emily. it feels good to reach 4 digits. actually, i am absolutely amazed that i get that many visitors based on the fact that it is the same 5 people who comment. weird. i feel like there are a host of voyeours out there, watching but not talking, like peeping toms, holding their breath so as not to be heard or seen or caught.

so, to all of you silent visitors, come out of the closet!

who goes there?