Friday, March 30, 2007

day on

so i was thinking a little bit further about my post yesterday, and, more specifically, about the concept of a 'day off.' i decided that if it really is meant to be a day to spend with my family and be away from some of the pressures of my job and just refresh my spirit and mind and body, then it shouldn't be called a day off at all, but rather, a 'day on.' but as soon as i thought of that, i remembered this switchcover that i saw pictured over at, and had to show it to you. i mean, i'm sorry, but there is just no way to avoid smirking when you see this. who made this thing? are you kidding me?

anyway, had a good 'day on' yesterday and am back in the swing of things today. the junior high in our church leave tonight for a weekend retreat on faith and sexuality. i am headed there tomorrow to help in the discussion. i will, at all costs, avoid showing them this picture of our savior, if for no other reason than i don't want to scar their young minds. i want them to know that Jesus loves them, but, not in that way. wow.

in all seriousness, as i have done some reading and research over the last couple of weeks, and as a result of our discussion at small group last wednesday (regarding popularity), i am just more and more convinced that we would be so much better off as people if we could get it through our thick skulls and thicker hearts that God loves us. i mean really loves us. if we could just catch a glimpse of our beloved-ness, we would not have to try and earn or buy or force love from others. and maybe we don't just need to catch a glimpse but also learn how to remember that glimpse in a world full of images and sounds trying to tell us that we are not good enough without product x. i want to know and remember my belovedness. and i want to help other people know and remember theirs. that's about as good a description of my call to ministry as i can think of.

see what a 'day on' can do for me?

loved and adored and cherished,



Mary said...

I am more than ready for my "week-on" that i get for Easter Break. I have lots of soul soothing planned. I really like your description of being "on" for that time instead of "off" sometimes I take the "off" literally and waste any free time that i get by being a bumm...but this bumm is all the wiser and going to try to really appreciate some time to be "on." I'm which ya'

greg. said...

good, mary. i'm glad you got it. i hope you have a great week on. sabbath is rest, but not laziness. it is intentionally quality rest. it is not 'doing nothing' but rather it is doing that which brings rest and shalom to your soul and to those around you. so have a great week on.