Saturday, March 03, 2007

day 7

"day 7"
paper and found objects collage on cardboard panel
gregory a. milinovich

and so the series comes to an end. 7 days. 7 collages. not a mirror of the genesis 1 creation account so much as one guy's story of what has happened to that creation. these works, which i did several years ago, were my way of dealing with and saying something about the garbage that swirls around our feet all the time.

but, this week, they have facilitated some interesting discussion about the nature of art and what it means to be an artist. thank you to all of you who have added your voice to the conversation. that is why i do this. to those of you who are lurking, who tell me that this is too 'deep' for you to comment, i urge you to reconsider. this blog, much like my art, is a way to connect, a way to touch. but this kind of touch, this kind of connection is two-way. i need to know if you are there, if you agree or disagree, if you are laughing or are bored or whatever. i want to connect with you.

if i've drawn any conclusions as an artist this week its that i am on a journey of discovering what it means to have this need to express myself through juxtaposition. i have much to learn, many questions yet to ask, many collages yet to make, many conversations yet to have, much wrestling yet to do. that is, i have a great deal of living to do (forever, actually), and i intend to do it as someone determined to understand what it means to be me. thanks for this week. talk to you later.



Anonymous said...

i have been reprimanded enough for saying the word "deep" now i know what it is like for the dixie chicks when they say something that offends. so here is a question, oh questioner of life...why are weddings not nearly as fun without you there? Furthermore...why didn't you make a birthday blog for yourself. and henceforth...why won't you pass the gravy at this dining room table of life. I'm sitting there down the table, without gravy, but still whispering "olive juice" towards you. now thats deep.

mary said...

that was by Mary ^ (that is a pretend arrow pointing to the above blog)

greg. said...

weddings need a large man, somewhat inappropriately dressed, who is willing to make a total ass of himself, if they are really going to get bumping.

no birthday blogs here.

olive juice too.


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